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The Career Coven, with Bec & Annie

The career podcast for women giving group whatsapp vibes. For women who want to learn strategies to take them to the next level their career - and also to have a bit of a laugh along the way.

Bec and Annie share a passion for women, and an interest in self development. However, they’ve both had really different careers and learned different things along the way.

Bec’s a corporate machine, and Annie’s a startup queen. In the career coven they share and compare experiences - learning from each other along the way. Expect topics like confidence, managing up and boundaries to be discussed (usually over a glass of wine).


Last Episode Date: 14 June 2024

Total Episodes: 8

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14 June 2024
S1, E8 The Career Coven: Resilience

We all need resilience - in work, and in life. Recovering from setbacks is part of everyones journey. In this episode, Bec and Annie cover times when we’ve not felt resilient, our own ‘watch out’ signs that our resilience may be low, and what we both do to maintain our...

55 min
30 May 2024
S1, E7 The Career Coven: Imposter Syndrome

The most requested topic by our listeners - attempted by us for the first time. Annie and Bec discovered in researching imposter syndrome that they’ve both had it, and they’ve both recovered (almost) from it. We cover what imposter syndrome, and how it’s linked to stru...

63 min
16 May 2024
S1, E6 [Bonus!] The Career Coven: Listener questions

In this episode, Annie and Bec give you a career coven palate cleanser and answer some audience questions which have been left since the start of the podcast. It’s a “snippy snappy” episode, to use Bec’s words, where we both alternate in giving answers.We cover quest...

45 min
3 May 2024
S1, E5 The Career Coven: Managing Up

Annie takes the lead in this episode, having strong feelings about how she likes her team to manage upwards to her. We discuss the importance of preparing for your line management meetings, knowing and communicating exactly what you need from your line manager, and establish...

46 min
18 April 2024
S1, E4 The Career Coven: Assertiveness

In this episode, Bec and Annie discuss the importance of being assertive but how it takes energy and is not always needed. Bec finds being assertive very easy - but this means she sometimes has to watch her tone and hold her breath. Whilst Annie is perceived as very assertiv...

45 min
4 April 2024
S1, E3 The Career Coven: Leadership

In the third episode of the Career Coven, Bec and Annie discuss leadership. We discuss the best and worst leadership characteristics we've seen our respective careers. You'll hear about how leaders can't be everything to the people they lead; and how expectations differ on f...

42 min
22 March 2024
S1, E2 The Career Coven: Boundaries

Our second ep of the Career Coven is on boundaries - the things that keep you sane, and can also drive you insane. In this episode we hear from Bec who has spent a lot of time thinking about boundaries, and Annie who is in her boundary ‘discovery’ era. We talk about type...

42 min
7 March 2024
S1, E1 The Career Coven: Confidence (and a warm welcome!)

Welcome to the first episode of our podcast The Career Coven with Bec Ellul and Annie Coleridge (and Annie’s dog Susan, who loves to have her voice heard too). We want to help women in their careers shortcut the hard parts we have faced through candid conversation and shar...

62 min
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