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Find podcasts that have the perfect audience for your product or service.

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Collaborate with the podcasts that reach your ideal audience to promote your products and services through guest interviews, sponsorships, affiliate marketing and joint venture partnerships.

Craft Your Perfect Media Kit

Create a comprehensive media kit that outlines the kinds of relationships you wish to establish. From podcast guest interviews to sponsorships to affiliate and joint venture promotions, podcasts are a great way to promote your products, events and services.

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View metrics and stats for every creator in one place and see how much creators charge for sponsorships and marketing campaigns. Partner with individual podcasts or across a network of podcast.

Simplify your outreach process

Use the built-in messaging tool to contact each creator or have us reach out to podcasters on your behalf. Keep track of all of your messaging from collaborations from one central place.

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Castocity is the only podcasting platform for built for collaboration… so it’s easy to market and monetize your show through other podcasts, guests, sponsors, affiliates and joint venture partners

Craft Your Perfect Media Kit

Create a comprehensive media kit that outlines your podcast’s objectives and the kinds of relationships you wish to establish. From guest collaborations to sponsorships, be in control of your podcast’s destiny.

Monetize and Grow

Sell sponsorships directly from your media kit or opt into the network and let us find the right sponsors and affiliate partners for you.

Supercharge Your Podcast's Growth

Collaborate with fellow podcasters to promote each other's shows with podcast swaps and cross-promotions. Grow your listeners through shout-outs, social media shares, podcast recommendations and more

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