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The editorial team brings you a weekly look at some of the latest innovations in digital journalism, and speaks to industry experts on how newsrooms are approaching key challenges and opportunities in the industry.


Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 300

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16 May 2024
Newsrewired sneak peek: the guide to life after the newsroom, with Alison Gow and Mark Frankel

Whether you have been made redundant or need a fresh challenge, journalists can find work in non-reporting roles, self-employment, and other sectors. Here is how

9 May 2024
Newsrewired throwback with Media Voices: leadership, AI and business models

What’s top of mind for today’s news leaders? Evolving at pace, finding your USP - but not burning out in the process

2 May 2024
Future-proofing your newsroom, with Lucy Kueng

Media companies can no longer be something for everyone - but we can be everything to someone instead

26 April 2024
Regulation, innovation and future-proofing: takeaways from Perugia on generative AI

Have news organisations learned the right lessons from working with platforms? Are newsrooms being too short-sighted in their applications for the tech? These questions and more were discussed at the International Journalism Festival

18 April 2024
Why PressPad closed down, with Olivia Crellin

The media startup sought to improve diversity in UK news by making work experience more affordable for students. But industry resistance, personal circumstances and funding issues proved insurmountable

11 April 2024
Reporting on Big Tech, with Niamh McIntyre of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

A year-long investigation shows the increasingly narrow gap between tech platforms, surveillance and authoritarian regimes, making it a crucial area for journalists to monitor

4 April 2024
The skills a modern newsroom leader needs, with Niketa Patel

The senior director of leadership programmes at CUNY discusses how to lead with empathy, motivate your team and create a culture geared toward experimentation, whatever the size of your newsroom

28 March 2024
Workflow tips in participatory journalism, with Annie Slemrod and Nuha Al-Junaid

The New Humanitarian garnered more than 100 contributions for its Yemen Listening Project detailing how lives have been affected by ongoing conflict

22 March 2024
Creating and developing GenAI workflows in the newsroom, with David Caswell

News organisations must strike a balance between being nimble and responsible with this increasingly accessible and innovative technology

14 March 2024
Protecting journalists on social media, with Valérie Bélair-Gagnon

Platforms offer new connections and story leads but burnt-out reporters are increasingly disconnecting. What can newsrooms do to support them?

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