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Design MBA

Design MBA is an interview series with design leaders and design entrepreneurs hosted by Jayneil Dalal.

Last Episode Date: 24 January 2024

Total Episodes: 81

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24 January 2024
Designing for AI

🧠 WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THIS INTERVIEW? 1. Challenges of designing for AI2. How to get a job as an AI Designer  📢 WHY IS HENRY MODISETT A ROCKSTAR? Henry Modisett is the Head of Design at Perplexity AI. Previously he worked as a designer at Quora and Google.⏱...

38 min
14 December 2023
Designing the Facebook Like Button

🧠 WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THIS INTERVIEW?1. How the iconic Facebook like button was designed? 2. How a designer invested early in startups like Figma, Framer and Diagram? 📢 WHY IS SOLEIO CUERVO A ROCKSTAR? Soleio Cuervo is a software designer turned investor. He led ...

53 min
29 September 2023
Transitioning from Design Manager to IC Designer

🧠 WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THIS INTERVIEW?1. How to transition from a Design Manager to IC Designer 2. Why Design Managers make great IC designers📢 WHY IS MAHEEN SOHAIL A ROCKSTAR? Maheen Sohail is a Staff Product Design Lead at Meta focused on building Generative AI e...

37 min
31 July 2023
Spatial Design is the Future

🧠 WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THIS INTERVIEW?1. Why the future of product design is 3D and not 2D 2. How to find startup ideas while working at FAANG/MAMA 📢 WHY IS JULIAN PARK A ROCKSTAR? Julian Park is the co-founder and CEO at Bezi, a collaborative spatial design tool....

31 min
2 July 2023
The Ultimate Guide for Investing in Startups as a Designer

📢 WHY IS DANIEL SCRIVNER A ROCKSTAR? Daniel is the Head of Design at Class Dojo and General Partner at VC firm Ligature.  🔥 ARE YOU A FOUNDER LOOKING TO PARTNER WITH A DESIGN-FOCUSED VC FIRM? Check out Ligature - INTERVIEW VIDEO:https://yout...

43 min
24 May 2023
Why Designers Need to Learn About Business

Om is a designer by profession and entrepreneur by aspiration. Today, he's the Director of Product design at DISQO by day and CEO, co-founder of Personify by night.INTERVIEW VIDEO: ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A KICKASS RESEARCH WORKSPACE FOR YOUR TEAM? ...

35 min
24 April 2023
Mistakes First Time Design Managers Make - Kyle Turman (Director of Product Design @ Retool)

Kyle Turman is the the Director of Product Design at Retool and previously led design teams at Slack, Dropbox, and Etsy. He is a world wide web mad scientist who designs software work a bit better for people and tries to help people work a bit better together.INTERVIEW VIDEO...

53 min
10 April 2023
Taking a Sabbatical - Ben Huggins (Design @ Retool)

Ben Huggins is a Product Designer at Retool. He’s spent his career applying fresh thinking to stale problems and he’s gotten the chance to do this with concepts like software development at Retool, HR at Humu, TV at YouTube and thermostats at Nest. He also serves on the ...

36 min
9 March 2023
Transition from Graphic Design to UX - Colton Schweitzer, Ludovic Delmas (Cofounders at Kickass UX)

Colton Schweitzer and Ludovic Delmas are the cofounders of Kickass UX which helps creatives build a kickass UX skillset and supercharge their careers. Previously, Colton worked before in the enterprise design space while Ludovic was a senior designer at Smartsheet. INTERVIE...

47 min
1 March 2023
Design Exec Role Sneak Peek - Gordon Ching (Founder @ Design Executive Council)

Gordon Ching is the founder of Design Executive Council (DEC) building the network dedicated to advancing the design executive profession in Silicon Valley and beyond. Through the DEC, Gordon is partnering with chief design officers and design executives of the world’s mos...

40 min
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