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Voiceover Sermons with Terry Daniel

Voiceover Sermons is a series of podcast episodes for new and experienced voice actors. Episodes include helpful tips on voiceover coaching, script performance, demos, talent agencies, marketing and more!

If you're looking for candid information on how to start a voiceover business, you've come to the right podcast. New episodes are uploaded every Friday.

If you're interested in coaching with us, please email us from our website at

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Last Episode Date: 9 April 2024

Total Episodes: 191

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9 April 2024
UVT Virtual: A New Online VO Training Program

In this episode, Terry discusses UVT Coaching's new VO training program, UVT Virtual! For more information or to sign up, go to Become a supporter of this podcast:

7 min
19 March 2024
The We Totally Winged It Episode

In this episode, we introduced our newest voiceover coach, Amie Breedlove, on the UVT team. It's difficult to put into words everything else we covered. Ha!Become a supporter of this podcast:

51 min
21 December 2023
The UVT Coaching Team Holiday Episode

In this episode, the UVT Coaching team is all over the place! Plan on some holiday fun and a little voiceover talk as well!Become a supporter of this podcast:

71 min
25 July 2023
NAVA and the SAG-AFTRA Strike

We're beginning a brief series about the SAG-AFTRA strike. Terry starts by interviewing NAVA founders, Tim Friedlander and Carin Gilfry to discuss the SAG-AFTRA strike and inform us about the NAVA Association.Become a supporter of this podcast:

36 min
15 May 2023
Are you new to live-directed voiceover sessions?

Are you new to live-directed voiceover sessions? In this episode, Terry provides plenty of tips to ensure the sessions run smoothly!Become a supporter of this podcast:

9 min
12 May 2023
Are AI Voice Services Living In Your Head?

Are AI voice services occupying too much space in your head? Don't sweat it! Terry Daniel will calm you down in this important episode of VO Sermons!Become a supporter of this podcast:

10 min
29 March 2023
Finding the Passion for VO in the Face of Adversity

This episode of Voiceover Sermons is unique and personal to me.Breaking out of a cycle of negativity and low self-esteem can be challenging. So many of us have been told at some point that we’re not good enough, and it can be difficult to convince ourselves otherwise.Becom...

13 min
30 December 2022
Do You Want To Start A Voiceover Business in 2023?

The last episode of Voiceover Sermons for 2022! In this episode, Terry discusses the dos and don'ts of starting a voiceover business in 2023.Become a supporter of this podcast:

13 min
21 December 2022
The Pour Yourself an Eggnog or Hot Toddy Episode

The UVT Coaching staff gets together to record a live episode of VO Sermons via Zoom. Plenty of holiday fun and some good voiceover nuggets as well!Become a supporter of this podcast:

81 min
9 December 2022
Voiceover Direct Marketing and Talkback Line Questions

In this episode, Terry talks about the importance of not being too dependent on platforms like Mandy and Fiverr for voiceover work. Plus, he'll answer questions from the talkback line!Become a supporter of this podcast:

16 min
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