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TK Dale Wealth Podcast

Trevor Dale, CFA, founder of TK Dale Wealth brings you The TK Dale Wealth Podcast where he discusses all things money and wealth such as real estate, investing, insurance, debt, estate planning and financial planning. Get up close interviews with and special insights into the world of money and wealth. Trevor has a unique perspective because he runs a portfolio management company, life insurance agency and mortgage brokerage. Very rarely is this level of expertise brought across all three areas at the same time.Portfolio Manager, TK Dale Wealth Management Inc.Life Insurance Agent, TK Dale Wealth Insurance Inc.Mortgage Broker, TK Dale Wealth Mortgages Inc. Lic. #13359


Last Episode Date: 17 April 2024

Total Episodes: 7

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17 April 2024
More important than the government budget

This is the one data point that is more important than the budget changes.Want to know more? Head over to TKDaleWealth.comAny security or portfolio mentioned are not recommendations, solicitations or financial advice. We do not provide tax or legal advice. This is provided f...

8 min
12 April 2024
What's going on with interest rates?

Is June a rate cut in June in Canada?I don't think it's a done deal.Did you hear about the Swiss National Bank?Did you hear about the Bank of Japan?This is what's happening around the world and as it relates to Canada.Want to know more? Head over to TKDaleWeal...

12 min
8 April 2024
Financial Plans are Broken. Try the Financial Flywheel.

Why are financial plans broken? Because the don't provide the next steps about how to improve and grow your wealth.Learn about and implement this new financial concept called the Financial Flywheel!Want to know more? Head over to TKDaleWealth.comAny security or portfoli...

19 min
5 April 2024
Financial Education: Jobs Data

We had new job numbers come out. The number of jobs created, unemployment rate and wage growth was reported in Canada and the US.This is how we think about this data as it relates to managing investment portfolios.Want to know more? Head over to TKDaleWealth.comAny security ...

12 min
4 April 2024
Data Points & Financial Education: PMI

We were having issues with the quality of the audio recording however rest assured that the content is quality. Inside this episode we talk about PMI - The purchasing managers index.Understand how we implement these data into our thinking and construction of portfolios.Want...

6 min
2 May 2023
Retirement Secrets: Make Money - Episode 2

Ever wonder how to increase wealth through making more money?This episode is focused exactly on that. What are some strategies to increase your pay at work, increase your network and overcome those hurdles to getting the best for you.We look a lot at why people will work so...

30 min
27 April 2023
Retirement Secrets: Financial Flywheel - Episode 1

100's of conversations over 20 years in my career I've seen a lot of financially successful individuals and households.The Financial Flywheel is the culmination of all the success breadcrumbs that I've seen.Join our weekly webinars on Thursdays at 12:15 EST fo...

28 min
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