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The Mat Stats Show by the NWCA

Welcome to the NWCA’s latest venture to help our favorite sport. Glenn Gormley, Jason Bryant and Kevin Hazard outline their effort to bring statistical analysis to wrestling. Mat Stats is the NWCA’s attempt to bring wrestling up to speed with so many other sports by incorporating stats. It is the same sport, the wrestlers are just older and better. Get more information on the NWCA at Part of the Mat Talk Podcast Network.

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Last Episode Date: 15 May 2024

Total Episodes: 45

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15 May 2024
How does 2024 Penn State stack up as one of the best D1 wrestling teams of all-time? Mat Stats 32

The gang at MatStats uses data and stats to determine who had the best collegiate wrestling team since 1974.  The battle comes down to the old Iowa teams and the 2024 Penn State team.  If you want to have an educated opinion on the best team since 1974, MatStats provides a...

63 min
24 April 2024
Scores were up, but were they? Looking at the impact of the college scoring changes - Mat Stats 31

Episode 31 of the Mat Stats Show deals with how team scoring changed with the new 3-point TD and 2,3, & 4 point near fall, how accurate is the seeding process, and a recap of the 2023-24 season. Join hosts Glenn Gormley, Kevin Hazard and Jason Bryant as we dive into thos...

56 min
19 March 2024
It's an ultimate stats dig for Kansas City with Jason Bryant's Preview Guide - Mat Stats 30

Episode 30 of the NWCA's Mat Stats Show gets a look into the annual monstrosity that is the Mat Talk Online Division I Wrestling Championships Preview Guide - or as many call it - The Guide. With over 250 pages, the Mat Talk Online NCAA Division I Wrestling Fan Guide is the ...

72 min
22 February 2024
Digging into historical match counts across Division I champions - Mat Stats 29

The boys at MatStats study the trends in the number of matches the men’s NCAA qualifiers and champions have wrestled over the years. We also see if the best teams agree with Alan Jackson. Finally, we compare wrestling to other NCAA sports in the number of contests.Full Sli...

36 min
17 January 2024
Analyzing the Ivy League's upcoming departure from the EIWA - Mat Stats 28

The boys at MatStats discuss the Ivy League leaving the EIWA. MatStats uses stats and past shows to inform the viewers why the Ivy League departing the EIWA could increase the chances for growing the sport. MatStats looks at the big picture and reveals reasons we should wrap...

50 min
19 December 2023
Examining the growth of high school wrestling participation (Part 2) - Mat Stats 27

Part 2 of the Mat Stats deep dive into participation numbers at the high school level continues, this time focusing on girls high school participation. Joining hosts Jason Bryant, Glenn Gormley and Kevin Hazard is NWCA Deputy Director Dr. Jackie Paquette.We’ll look at what...

47 min
14 November 2023
Examining the growth of high school wrestling participation - Mat Stats 26

The episode, titled "Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (Part 1)," features special guest Dr. Jackie Paquette from the NWCA, who will discuss recent trends in high school wrestling participation. The episode will explore the growth in the number of high school wrestlers, with par...

57 min
16 October 2023
There's something happening here - Mat Stats 25

In this episode, MatStats discusses the robust state of collegiate wrestling, showcasing a surge in the number of teams and participants, especially in smaller private schools and NCWA, underscoring the positive impact of women's wrestling on the sport. Key trends revealed i...

51 min
12 September 2023
Thinking Globally! Looking at the numbers from the 2023 World Championships - Mat Stats 24

MatStats provides the viewers with a preview of the World Wrestling Championships in Serbia 9/16-9/24/23. MatStats also offers some stats from the past World Championships. Think Globally, Root Locally! USA! USA! USA! Slideshow Link:

52 min
15 August 2023
Back Where I Come From - Mat Stats 23

The boys from MatStats explore what colleges the Men & Women Wrestlers form the Worlds & Olympics attended. It is a common thread across sports to say what college an athlete went to. It is such a big part of our conversations that the NFL announces which college the...

47 min
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