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Skin in the Game VC Podcast

Florida Funders Managing Partner and "Skin in the Game VC" podcast host Tom Wallace believes that entrepreneurs are game changers and that the companies they envision, create and build make the world a better place. Florida Funders is a venture capital firm and angel network that invests in early stage technology companies. Traditionally, angel investors have not had equal access to the amount of proprietary, vetted deal flow and investment opportunities like a professional venture investor. This podcast was envisioned to educate, connect and activate accredited investors to get skin in the game and invest like a VC.

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Last Episode Date: 30 April 2024

Total Episodes: 43

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30 April 2024
Frank Smith: From YouTube to Multimedia Mogul

Discover the fascinating journey of Frank Smith, from YouTube sensation to Multimedia Mogul, in the latest episode of the Skin in the Game pod. Join Saxon Baum as he dives into a captivating conversation with Frank, tracing his evolution and success in the multimedia landsca...

27 min
8 April 2024
Charmel Maynard: Creating a Legacy in Finance

Tune in to the latest episode of the Skin in the Game VC Podcast featuring Charmel Maynard, Chief Investment Officer of the University of Miami. Gain invaluable insights into university asset management and the journey that led Charmel to his prestigious position. Discover t...

33 min
27 March 2024
Delian Asparouhov: From Bulgaria to Silicon Valley

Delian Asparouhov, a Bulgarian-born, self-made software engineer, dives into the rollercoaster of a journey from being an MIT dropout to earning the Thiel Fellowship. Delian discusses his initial reservations about a career in venture capital and how early exposure to the fi...

55 min
29 January 2024
Lucy Guo: Passes & Perspectives

In this podcast episode, Lucy Guo, a prominent entrepreneur and Thiel Fellow, shares her remarkable journey from receiving a Thiel Fellowship at the age of 20 to becoming the second wealthiest self-made female in the United States. Lucy discusses her experiences with venture...

46 min
16 November 2023
Steve MacDonald: International Tech Trails & Tales

This episode focuses on Steve MacDonald’s unique experience of spending a year in Florence, Italy, while exploring the cultural and historical aspects, as well as insights into the local tech scene.Steve shares that the decision to move to Florence was driven by a long-sta...

32 min
7 November 2023
David Goldberg: Navigating the Evolving Tech Landscape

In this particular episode, Tom and Saxon touch on various subjects, such as the bankruptcy of WeWork, the impact of EVs on traditional automakers, and the changing landscape of commercial real estate due to remote work trends. Guest speaker, David Goldberg, a partner at Alp...

30 min
26 October 2023
Joe Bayen: Journey From Success to Failure and Back

Joe Bayen, who was Born in Cameroon, shares his journey of moving to the United States as a three-year-old and being raised in Paris, France. Joe shares his experience in the credit industry, starting with his realization of the impact of late payments on his credit score. T...

49 min
3 August 2023
Matthew & Michael Vega-Sanz: Finding Passion in the Ordinary

Founders of Lula, Michael and Matthew Vega-Sanz joins the episode of Skin In The Game VC Podcast with Tom Wallace and new co-host Saxon Baum.Matthew and Michael discuss their journey of creating a car sharing app called Lula. They talk about how they came up with the idea wh...

60 min
1 June 2023
Laura DiBella: Florida's Tech Bloom

Laura DiBella, the Secretary of Commerce for the State of Florida as well as the president of CEO of Enterprise Florida, joins us for this episode of Skin in the Game. Laura explores the robust evolution of Florida's tech industry and the state's response to COVID-19. F...

40 min
1 February 2023
Investing in Startups with Brad Feld

Brad Feld, an avid ecosystem-builder, tech entrepreneur, and early-stage investor for over 35 years shares his insights on the venture capital, startup, and tech community in this episode of Skin in the Game VC Podcast. Brad began his journey in tech and venture capital in t...

48 min
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