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Some people just need a PUSH to be the best version of themselves. Join the community on Facebook here: - PUSHER: Noun. - a person or thing that pushes something or someone. - a forceful or pushy person. - Sentence: "she got things moving, she was a tremendous pusher" That's exactly what this podcast is for! If you are looking to level up your learning, relationship, career, business, or your whole damn life, then this is the podcast for you. (as long as you don't mind some tough love)

Last Episode Date: 2 April 2024

Total Episodes: 229

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2 April 2024
We're MOVING! Uprooting and Replanting Across the Country-PT1

As the sun sets on our familiar Southern California neighborhood, my family and I stand on the brink of a monumental transition. We're trading sandy beaches for the historic streets of Washington DC, and in this episode, I take you on our personal journey. It's a tale of new...

35 min
27 March 2024
GOAT Energy- What makes you GREAT?

Unlock the secret to transcending average and tapping into the realm of the extraordinary—will you rise to the challenge? Step into our world as we dissect the life lessons embedded in the journey of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, exploring the thin line separatin...

29 min
19 March 2024
Mindset Warfare: Winning the Battle Within for Success and Sanity

There's a moment every morning when you stand at the threshold of your workplace, taking a deep breath, ready to leave your personal life at the door. But can you really compartmentalize? Tune in as we cozy up in our living room and open up about the intricate dance of emoti...

49 min
12 March 2024
GUYS TAKEOVER- Fatherhood Unplugged: Raw Tales from the Dad Side

Fatherhood hit me like a ton of bricks—the unexpected kind that somehow builds up the house you never knew you needed. My brother from another mother, Lamont Coleman, and I get real about the highs and lows of dad life in our latest podcast episode. We swap tales that’ll...

47 min
5 March 2024
How to GLOW UP as a Grown UP: 15 Tips To Upgrade Your IRRESISTIBILITY

Get ready for a sizzling episode of the PUSH Podcast where we dive deep into the art of keeping the spark alive in relationships, no matter what life throws your way. This episode is all about understanding that allure goes beyond the surface - it's the twinkle in your eye, ...

65 min
27 February 2024
"From First Date to Soul Mate: 11 Must-Have Qualities for Lifelong Love”

Navigating the complexities of love and dating in 2024, our guest shares tales that resonate with anyone swiping right in search of connection. We expose the often-unspoken truths of sexual dynamics and delve into how honesty—or the lack thereof—in self-reported data tel...

66 min
20 February 2024
MANopause?! Staying HARD and Healthy After 40!

When a listener wrote in about her husband's battle with erectile dysfunction, it cast a new light on the silent struggles many couples face with men's health as age creeps in. Our latest episode is a candid conversation that delves into the complexities of men's sexual and ...

59 min
13 February 2024
A Broken Vagina?! + Myths, Muscles & Other Midlife BS

We weave through personal stories and the often-unspoken truths of women's health, tackling the complexities of menopause and the way these changes ripple through our lives. From empty nesters striving to maintain vitality to understanding how menstrual cycles impact decisio...

54 min
6 February 2024
Trending, Teasing, and Taylor: Unpacking the Latest in Pop Culture, Online Civility, and Musical Milestones

Ever wonder how cheating on a spouse could be considered too much effort? Join Janelle and Edward Copeland as we share a hearty laugh over the complexities of infidelity and recount the bewildering story of a double-dealing doctor. Our candid conversation doesn't stop at mar...

54 min
30 January 2024
The Happiness Heist: The 5 Thieves Stealing Your Joy

Ever felt like despite all your efforts, happiness remains one step ahead, like a shadow you can't quite catch? Well, that's exactly what we, are tackling in our lively discussion about 'The Five Thieves of Happiness.' With Dr. John Izzo's eye-opening book as our guide, we'r...

39 min
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