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MSP takes you into the future. Every week we look at advances in science and technology and ask how they will change the world we live in. And discuss how we can use our power and influence to shape the society of tomorrow.


Last Episode Date: 23 January 2024

Total Episodes: 238

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23 January 2024
Weird Science: Robot Pain, Tetris & Trombones

In this Weird Science edition, we look at the achievements of 13-year-old Willis Gibson, the first human player to complete the classic game Tetris. Technology and nature intersect as our hosts discuss the potential use of plants to create supercapacitors for energy storage,...

40 min
7 January 2024
Tech And Culture 2023: What We Learned

Happy 2024 everyone. ßorry there's been a gap uploading. A lot of personal nonsense. The show has been going out on BFM bu we haven't been uploading here consistently. Richard Bradbury and Matt Armitage offer a satirical and insightful review of technology in 2023. Alongsid...

41 min
31 December 2023
Memory Loss: The Digital Legacy Business

In this episode, Matt and Richard explore the complex relationship between technology and memory, focusing on the preservation of digital content after death and the concept of digital avatars.They look at concerns around the preservation of digital records for future genera...

37 min
30 December 2023
Weird Science: Wooden Satellites & Wilful Ignorance

In the future, we might not be able to see the stars for the trees if wood becomes the material of choice for interstellar habitation. Plus wilful ignorance, scent location and self-driving cars. Hosted by Matt Armitage & Richard BradburyProduced by Richard Bradbury...

38 min
29 December 2023
Weird Science: The Devil’s In The Dion

Celine Dion terrorizes a New Zealand city as officials in Guangzhou wipe the Halloween smile from riders’ faces and Meta’s chatbots sow confusion and apathy. Plus, VR helps with the horrors of hoarding. Hosted by Matt Armitage & Richard BradburyProduced by Richa...

35 min
28 December 2023
Weird Science: Bots & Bloodtests

As AI unveils its ability to speak to us, we take a look at the hidden world of data labelling, the secrets of 100-year-old blood and in-the-box updates.Hosted by Matt Armitage & Richard BradburyProduced by Richard Bradbury for BFM89.9Further Reading: · &...

43 min
27 December 2023
Just Browsing

What’s in a word? From the leisurely shopping arcades of the 19th Century to the algorithm-driven surfing of today, the nature of browsing has transformed from casual entertainment to coercive click-bait.Hosted by Matt Armitage & Richard BradburyProduced by Richar...

36 min
26 December 2023
Weird Science: U2, Purring & Fat Bear Week

It’s Fat Bear Week on Mattsplained, with a cast of characters including purring cats, U2, Mean Girls, and disembodied hands and tongues. If it sounds weird, it’s only science. Hosted by Matt Armitage & Richard BradburyProduced by Richard Bradbury for BFM89....

35 min
3 August 2023
X Mars The Spot

Human NPCs, phlubbing your partner and AI influencers fail to to out-weird Elon Musk’s latest X-rated escapade.Hosted by Matt Armitage & Richard BradburyProduced by Richard Bradbury for BFM89.9Image by Kulturpop via MidJourneySubscribe to the Substack newslet...

36 min
24 July 2023
Rating Laziness

In a world where everything is rated, what value do those ratings have? And how are they driving generational change in our attitude to work?Hosted by Matt Armitage & Richard BradburyProduced by Richard Bradbury for BFM89.9In this episode, hosts Richard Bradbury and...

35 min
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