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Modern Cowboy

The Cowboy is an iconic figure that represents a culture of freedom, courage, toughness, & individualism. Join Dan Hillenbrand as he explores why we are so captivated by the Cowboy in everything from folklore, movies, ranching, music, and rodeo to business & fashion.


Last Episode Date: 4 March 2024

Total Episodes: 211

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4 March 2024
Episode 212 Dave Sharp

Great time catching up with Dave on the Podcast while he's up here in Wickenburg AZ for the winter. We discuss his current colt starting program & a horse he will be showing for sale at the Horse Sale Rancho Rio...

19 min
29 February 2024
Episode 211 Dusty Whitford

Had a great time on the Podcast with Dusty...Dusty Whitford (Glen Rose, Texas) has been a professional colt starter for 25 years. He has developed a system for starting colts that eliminates human answers and relies on answers that come from the way horses think. 6 years ago...

43 min
16 February 2024
Episode 210 Megan Nicole Larson

Great time on the Podcast with Meg...Megan Nicole Larson, Meg West on IG, is an advocate for rodeo and co-owner of The Rodeo Trail, an online rodeo media company. Her platform is dedicated to helping promote and grown the sport of rodeo through funny reels & debunking mi...

41 min
6 February 2024
Episode 209 Heath Kizzier

At the Farm, Heath is otherwise known as “Kathleen’s husband.” He is the guy that floats around on the weekends lugging toolboxes, skill saw, sprinkler fittings, and plumbing implements – fixing this and that and trying to stay out of the boss-lady’s way. Heath gre...

51 min
2 February 2024
Episode 208 Justin Biltonen /

Great time on the Podcast with Justin, your everyday humble down to earth Rock Star! Love this guy... Justin Biltonen blurs the lines between ‘what you see is what you get’ and ‘still waters run deep.’ Southern born and bred, Biltonen is a product of broken-in boots ...

25 min
20 August 2023
Episode 207 Taylor Winston / USMC Veteran / Digital Creator / Founder 2A Daddy...

Had a great time on the Podcast with Taylor Winston, Founder of 2A Daddy. His story is inspiring and his mission will make you think about what is happening in American Culture today... Oh and he and his wife love country dancing!2A Daddy’s focus is on empowering others to...

38 min
23 January 2023
Episode 206 C Thomas Howell / Actor / Director / Singer / Songwriter / Cowboy…

I had an amazing time on the Podcast with Tommy Howell... Tommy has accomplished so much in his career & has started on a new and exciting journey in the music industry. I know you will be as captivated listening as I was talking with him.Tommy (C. Thomas) Howell is a Te...

75 min
16 December 2022
Episode 205 Bri Bagwell / Texas Female Artist of the Decade / Her New Album “Corazón y Cabeza” Released 2022…

Had a great time on the Podcast with Bri... Such an amazing talent & so down earth. She even curled her hair while we were recording as she had a photo shoot right after.Texas Female Artist of the Decade, Bri Bagwell, is a force to be reckoned with on the Texas Coun...

38 min
29 November 2022
Episode 204 McBride & The Ride / The Iconic Group of The 80s & 90s New Single Marlboros & Avon…

We had a great time on the Podcast with Terry, Ray and Billy of the iconic group McBride & The Ride...When they first began releasing music in 1989, McBride & The Ride released three acclaimed albums Burnin’ Up The Road, Sacred Ground, and Hurry Sund...

58 min
11 November 2022
Episode 203 Tyler Lyle / Custom Handmade Cowboy Boot Maker / “Lyles Boots”…

One of my favorite topics "Custom Handmade Cowboy Boots" had a great time on the Podcast with Tyler Lyle of Lyles Boots, who I called "Lyle" throughout the Episode. We talk about his recent Awards at the Boot and Saddle Makers Round-up, Wichita Falls TX and everything Cowboy...

33 min
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