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Glenbrook is a a privately owned investment & development property company located in Manchester City Centre.

The podcasts provide the Glenbrook team an opportunity to discuss a whole host of topics with though leaders in the real estate market and beyond.

Welcome feedback in terms of content and ideas for future podcasts.


Last Episode Date: 20 May 2024

Total Episodes: 52

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20 May 2024
Richard Walker OBE, Executive Chairman of Iceland Frozen Foods | Glenbrook Podcast

In the next instalment of the Glenbrook Podcast, Guy chats to Richard Walker OBE, Chartered Surveyor, and Executive Chairman of Iceland supermarkets, amongst other things. They discuss how Richard got in to property, the transition to retailing and how his passion for the en...

43 min
22 April 2024
Peter & Abby Varga, Co-Founders P1 Fitness | Glenbrook Podcast

Welcome to the next instalment of this season’s Glenbrook Podcast. In this episode, our Office Manager, Mandy Mills sits down with Abby and Peter Varga, co-founders of P1 Fitness Personal Training. Here they talk about their journey starting their personal training and c...

60 min
8 April 2024
Tom Sinclair, Senior Director at CBRE | Glenbrook Podcast

Welcome to the next instalment of this season's Glenbrook Podcast. In this episode Guy Butler sits down with Tom Sinclair, Senior Director, about his career to date, the thriving Build to Rent funding market, how he has positioned himself at the very heart of it, the fut...

48 min
26 February 2024
BONUS! Castlefield Galleries | Glenbrook Podcast

In this bonus podcast episode, Shannon Conway meets Helen Wewiora, the Artistic Director of Castlefield Gallery. The podcast talks about the work of the gallery and the role art can play in public spaces.

41 min
21 February 2024
Suzanne Benson, Partner & Head of Real Estate at Trowers & Hamlins | Glenbrook Podcast

Welcome to a brand new season of the official Glenbrook Podcast! In this episode, Guy talks to Suzanne Benson, head of Real Estate at Trowers and Hamlins, about her career in law, her interest in housing and her route from London to Manchester. Highlights are her year in ...

38 min
25 September 2023
Christopher Maguire | Glenbrook Podcast

Guy chats to Chris Maguire, whom he first met when he was editor of NW Business Insider. Chris now has a number of roles and businesses, including his own Podcast, and chats about his career, his interaction with the property industry through Insider and his current business...

49 min
18 August 2023
Paul McGarry - Head of the GMCA Ageing Hub

In this episode, Shannon speaks to Paul McGarry, Head of the GMCA Ageing Hub, and internationally recognised in the field of ageing research. They discuss the work of the Ageing Hub, the importance of including older people in planning and what age friendly looks like. 

33 min
17 May 2023
James Whittaker | Executive Director, Development - Peel L&P

🎥 Welcome to a new dimension 🎥 Today we’d like to share with you, the very first filmed episode of the Glenbrook Official Podcast! In this episode, our colleague Guy Butler talks with James Whittaker, Executive Director at Peel L&P about his early life and care...

60 min
22 January 2023
Meeting John Ogden, CBRE Managing Director of the North and Scotland

Guy Butler talks to John Ogden, CBRE’s Managing Director of the North and Scotland about his career path, the Manchester office, his experience of the property market in 2022 and his forecast for the year ahead. It should be listened to by anyone in the property industry,...

52 min
28 June 2022
David Lynch - Director of Development, Manchester City Council

In this podcast, Shannon speaks to David Lynch, Manchester’s newly appointed Director of Development and Estates.  The pair discuss David’s route to his current role, transitioning from the private to the public sector; how the change in personnel at Manchester will dr...

26 min
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