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Events: demystified Podcast

Explore the dynamic world of events and technology with Anca Platon Trifan, CMP, DES, WMEP - your expert guide and host. Anca shines a spotlight on the women in AV, event production, and AI technology, while championing a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being. From demystifying the complexities of AV and AI, AI-powered productivity hacks, AV production tips, to essential mental and physical fitness strategies, this podcast ensures you’re equipped with the knowledge to thrive at the intersection of event technology and well-being. Sponsored and Produced by Tree-Fan Events LLC.

Last Episode Date: 10 May 2024

Total Episodes: 151

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10 May 2024
148: Corporate Events: ROI, Engagement, and Keeping It Real ft Shanondoah Nicholson

In this episode of the Events Demystified Podcast, host Anca Platon Trifan dives deep into the art and science of using corporate events to generate leads and retain customers. Joined by event marketing expert Shenandoah Nicholson, they explore tactics to make events more ef...

62 min
26 April 2024
147: Turning Event Planning into Your Success Story with Eric Rozenberg

In this episode of the 'Events Demystified' podcast, hosted by Anca Platon Trifan of Tree-Fan Events, your host demystifies the world of event planning and business growth with her featured guest, Eric Rozenberg. Rozenberg shares his extensive experience from worki...

62 min
12 April 2024
146: Crafting A Personal Brand in the Events Industry ft Leanne Calderwood

In this episode of the Events Demystified podcast, host Anca Platon Trifan discusses the significance of personal branding in the event planning and production industry with featured guest Leanne Calderwood, a LinkedIn and personal branding expert. This episode dives into st...

76 min
29 March 2024
145: Exploring the Future of Events: AI, Metaverse and Virtual Reality ft Danny Stefanic #aitools

In this episode of the Events Demystified Podcast, hosted by Anca Platon Trifan, guest Danny Stefanic, a pioneer in virtual reality and CEO and founder of Hyperspace Metaverse Platform, demystifies the transformative impact of AI, metaverse, and virtual reality in Events. ...

56 min
8 March 2024
144: Celebrating International Women's Day: Strong High Achieving Women Struggle Too #IWD2024

Welcome to our special podcast episode in honor of International Women's Day, where we shine a light on the empowerment of women in leadership, the significance of mental health, and the pursuit of a purpose-driven life. Streamed live on March 8th, this episode is a tri...

74 min
1 March 2024
143: Mastering the Art of High-Value Event Production: A Blueprint for Success

Welcome to another episode of the Events Demystified Podcast. Today your host, Anca P Trifan, is sharing invaluable budget tips on high value event production, as well as future-proof insights on blending AV production with innovative AI technology. Main Takeaways: Introd...

25 min
16 February 2024
142: AI in Creative Processes: Steve Mudd on AI Tech and the Human Touch | #aiandcreativity

In this month's episode, Anca P. Trifan, host of the Events Demystified Podcast, and her featured guest, Steve Mudd, CEO of Talentless AI, are entertaining an insightful exploration that takes you through the whirlwind of AI advancements that have revolutionized not jus...

68 min
19 January 2024
141: AI in Events and B2B Marketing, navigating 2024 trends with Ike Singh Kehal's #EventsGPT

In the first episode of 2024, Jjin Anca P. Trifan, host of the Events Demystified Podcast, and her guest, Ike Singh Kehal, CEO of Social27, for an eye-opening and engaging exploration into the future of AI in events and B2B marketing. #ChatGPT#AIinEvents This episode provide...

53 min
2 January 2024
Events Demystified Listener Survey

We value your input and would love to hear what you think about the podcast and the future topics to be included! Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions to better inform our next topics and guests we bring on for your benefit. Your feedback is crucial in helpi...

2 min
29 December 2023
140: The AI/AV Fiesta and what's next for us in 2024

Welcome to another episode of "Events Demystified," hosted by Anca P. Trifan, where we peel back the layers of the event industry to reveal the cutting-edge trends and innovations. In today's episode, Anca, the CEO of Tree-Fan Events and an expert in AV and AI...

32 min
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