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Coffee is ME – Start Your Coffee Business

Prepare to immerse yourself in the intricate world of coffee, encompassing every facet from the coffee bean to establishing a flourishing business. Whether your ambition is to start a coffee business or to nurture your own coffee roastery, Valerian’s Podcast is here to help to inspire you. Our podcast features in-depth discussions with industry leaders, designed to impart essential insights into coffee cultivation, coffee roasting mastery, precision brewing, and, most importantly, the critical steps on how to start a profitable coffee business successfully. Our distinguished guests, revered for their contributions to the coffee industry, generously share their wealth of knowledge, exclusive strategies, and well-guarded trade secrets, offering you a comprehensive toolkit to not only initiate but also expand your coffee roasting enterprise. Whether you are a dedicated coffee enthusiast with aspirations of transforming your love for coffee into a profitable venture or a budding coffee entrepreneur poised to embark on this exhilarating journey, Valerian’s Podcast is your ultimate reservoir of industry knowledge and motivation. Elevate your coffee aspirations and embark on this immersive journey. Savor your favorite brew, find a comfortable space, and kickstart your voyage toward coffee business triumph. Tune in to Valerian’s Podcast now and let it be your guiding light on the path to realizing your coffee business dreams!


Last Episode Date: 24 April 2024

Total Episodes: 78

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24 April 2024
Ditching the 9-to-5 to Launch a Coffee Roasting & Retail Business with Mable & Ming - Moonwake Coffee

In this episode of the Coffee is Me podcast, Valerian interviews Mabel and Ming from Moonwake Coffee. They discuss their first sip of coffee, their professions, and why they decided to start a coffee company.    They also talk about the meaning behind the name Moonwake and...

73 min
5 March 2024
Two Women Shaping the Mexican Specialty Coffee Culture, Tueste Café - Veracruz, Mexico

In this conversation, Mariana Moreno from Tueste Café in Mexico shares insights into the Mexican specialty coffee scene and the growth of specialty coffee in the country. Mariana discusses the challenges and opportunities of being a woman in the coffee industry and the uniq...

50 min
29 January 2024
Mom 'n 'em Coffee Brings Specialty Coffee to Cincinnati, OH - Start Coffee Business Podcast

In this episode, Austin and Colin from Mom and M Coffee share their journey from San Francisco to Cincinnati and the challenges they faced in opening their coffee shop. They discuss their decision to start roasting their own coffee and the process of choosing a roaster. They...

67 min
11 October 2023
How Billy Li Generates $15,000 Monthly with a 20-Hour Workweek at Hydrangea Coffee

In the bustling world of specialty coffee, where the beans tell stories and the aromas transport you to distant lands, one brand has been quietly brewing a storm, not just in a cup, but in the entrepreneurial world as well. Welcome to the universe of Hydrangea Coffee, a smal...

76 min
12 June 2023
From a humble coffee trailer to five coffee shops with Sameer Shah - Voyager Coffee

In this episode, Sameer takes us back to the origins of Voyager Coffee, a concept born out of a desire to revitalize their city, San Jose. As natives of the area, Sameer and his partner Lauren noticed a trend of friends and acquaintances leaving for more exciting urban cente...

84 min
27 March 2023
There is a future in selling expensive specialty coffee with Erich Joiner from goodboybob coffee

In this episode, we chat with Erich Joiner, founder of goodboybob coffee in Los Angeles, California. GBB has gained a reputation for sourcing the world's best coffees, including top lots from Cup of Excellence. Initially catering to his friends and colleagues in the film ind...

73 min
5 November 2022
How to start a legendary coffee roaster in California with Hiver van Geenhoven - Chromatic, California

How and why did Hiver start Chromatic coffee? His origin story is really inspiring. So many people say “this is what I want to do,” but what are you ready to give up? Would you give up your comforts, free time, and risk your financial security? Difference in doing busine...

116 min
16 September 2022
Starting a farm-to-cup coffee shop at a college campus with Sebastian Ramirez - Cafetal Coffee, Arizona

Talking with former student of mine Sebastian Ramirez about his tips for new coffee shop entrepreneurs.  Cafetal Coffee is a Specialty Coffee shop located near ASU in Tempe, Arizona. offering coffee from their family farm in Colombia and serving Latin infused breakfast and ...

95 min
21 July 2022
Starting a super cool coffee brand in India with Rahul Reddy - Subko Coffee Roasters, Mumbai

Come explore the specialty coffee scene in India with us and Rahul Reddy. Rahul is the founder of Subko Coffee Roasters, a revolutionary coffee concept that sources the best lots from local farmers for the local consumers.  This is the first episode recorded with video, so ...

101 min
31 March 2022
Can You Make Money with a Cold Brew Cart? - with Eddie Alaniz from Coffee Conspiracy

In this episode we talk with Eddie Alaniz about his brand Coffee Conspiracy.  Eddie's brand is a lockdown businesses. While most cafes had to be closed, Eddie offered single origin cold brew to the beach crowd in Santa Cruz. Despite his humble beginnings, Eddie did not stop...

60 min
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