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Change Makers: Leadership, Good Business, Ideas and Innovation

This is Change Makers – the podcast bringing you ideas, life lessons and amazing stories from those making a difference in extraordinary times. Powered by campaigns firm Seven Hills and hosted by Michael Hayman, this interview series delves into what makes leaders tick and looks at the contribution this empowers them to bring to the world. This is the podcast for those who want to hear the optimism that comes from challenging the status quo. Find your mission.

Last Episode Date: 19 March 2024

Total Episodes: 165

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19 March 2024
162: Regenerating the Olympic Spirit: Capturing the UK’s Mojo – Rick de Blaby, CEO of Get Living

Joining Michael on Change Makers is Rick de Blaby, the CEO of Get Living. Get Living are the build-to-rent pioneers, with a mission to change renting for the better. With almost 4,000 homes across three neighbourhoods in London and Manchester and four more on the horizon i...

23 min
18 October 2023
161: Exciting, Changing, Unpredictable: The Life and Times of Lord Heseltine

Change Makers returns and we're joined by former Deputy Prime Minister and co-founder of Haymarket, Lord Heseltine. Michael paid a visit to the spectacular Thenford Arboretum and Gardens for this inspiring conversation with a beast of the political jungle. Lord Heseltine re...

34 min
16 June 2023
160: Journeys of Discovery: George Clarke, Architect and TV presenter

Michael is joined by George Clarke, the architect, TV presenter, lecturer and writer, best known for his work with Channel 4, including The Restoration Man and George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.   Growing up on a Sunderland council estate, George was inspired to become an arch...

29 min
17 March 2023
159: Journeys of Discovery: Freedom and Redemption with Katy Emck OBE

We are excited to bring you the second episode of Journeys of Discovery – Change Makers’ collaborative series with the Royal Philharmonic Orchesta. Over the course of these interviews, Michael explores fundamental questions about what it means to be human that accompany ...

32 min
24 February 2023
158: Charlotte Keenan – Faith in the future: Why we need to champion small businesses

For our guest this week, there are 10,000 stories behind her message but perhaps above all, one reason to listen. For a message that is determined, optimistic and empowering, that is: “this next decade will be the best of my life yet”.  Charlotte Keenan is the Managing...

34 min
10 February 2023
157: Cécile Reinaud and Xavier Mufraggi – Leaders supporting leaders: creating an environment for success

Cécile Reinaud is the founder of Seraphine, the international maternity label worn by the stars. From Kate Winslet to Kate Hudson to  Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.  Launched as a single store in 2003, over the next 15 years Cécile scaled the company and grew turnover ...

31 min
27 January 2023
156: Andy Haldane – The Polycrisis: How to turn our system around

Andy Haldane is the Chief Executive of the RSA: the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce, and the former Chief Economist of the Bank of England.  From 'Chicken Licken' warnings about inflation rates, to predictions of V-shaped recoveries, he's had little troub...

34 min
11 November 2022
155: Sian Sutherland – How to go plastic free: igniting and inspiring the world to turn off the plastic tap

Sian Sutherland is the co-founder of A Plastic Planet, the campaign group supporting one single goal: to ignite and inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap. It's a straight talking message that looks to reject the information and greenwashing around plastic, increasing...

32 min
4 November 2022
154: Brett Wigdortz OBE - Transforming education: why it's the civil rights issue of our time

Brett Wigdortz is the founder and CEO of Tiney, the startup offering what it calls an ‘Amazon-type solution for childcare’, which he founded after seeing how difficult it was to find reliable childminding options as a father of three. Before turning his attention to ear...

29 min
28 October 2022
153: Rebecca Ryan – Thinking like a futurist: signals, trend and strategic foresight

Michael Hayman's guest today is Rebecca Ryan, the futurist and founder of Next Generation Consulting, with a mission to help individuals and organisations develop foresight, to create brighter futures. Described as a "human spark plug", Rebecca looks at the signals to estab...

28 min
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