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Last Episode Date: 15 June 2024

Total Episodes: 150

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15 June 2024
IFP leader Hlabisa’s message of rational hope to nervous South Africans

Inkatha Freedom Party president Velenkosini Hlabisa, widely tipped for a key cabinet post in SA’s new Government of National Unity, addresses the key questions of the moment with BizNews editor Alec Hogg. These include the stability of the GNU, Zuma’s MK and how it will ...

24 min
14 June 2024
SA’s “centre” unites in historic pact

After two weeks of tense negotiations, Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen announced today (Friday) that an agreement has been signed by his party, the African National Congress (ANC) and the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) to enter into national government, as well...

11 min
14 June 2024
Breadline Africa eradicated pit toilet exposure for 11,000 South African Children - Marion Wagner

Breadline Africa has been a key player in providing educational opportunities for children since 1993. The organisation’s approach involves converting shipping containers into functional educational spaces. A critical aspect of their work is addressing the safety hazards a...

12 min
13 June 2024
Dr Anthony Turton - Zuma-inspired 2021 Looter’s War mere ‘taster’ of MK’s plans

Dr Anthony Turton, a 12th generation South African polymath with experience inside SA’s Security Forces, Academia, Water and business, shares lessons from the July 2021 Looter’s War in KZN. The way he sees it, that may have been a mere curtain raiser for what is planned ...

30 min
12 June 2024
New era in SA retirement: Two-Pot system launches September 2024

Starting September 1, 2024, South Africa's retirement landscape will undergo a dramatic transformation with the introduction of the two-pot retirement system. This groundbreaking reform promises to revolutionize how South Africans access their retirement savings, balancing i...

13 min
12 June 2024
Webinar: Futureneers Section 12BA Wheeling Partnership

In this exclusive webinar presented by Futureneers, featuring James Rothman and Deon Lewis, with BizNews' Alec Hogg as the host, they unveiled South Africa's first Section 12BA Wheeling Partnership. Discover how this groundbreaking investment opportunity can transform your t...

58 min
11 June 2024
Election’24: Brilliant insights from SA’s pollster extraordinaire Gareth v Onselen

South Africa’s political pollsters surpassed all expectations with their accurate calling of Election’24 - the watershed vote which was a shock for many and a surprise for most. In this fascinating review of the campaign, Victory Research CEO Gareth van Onselen takes us ...

29 min
11 June 2024
Zuma’s chess strategy explained…

The outcome of the historic 2024 elections has its roots in the rift between the camps of former President Jacob Zuma and current President Cyril Ramaphosa that formed after the NASCREC conference in 2017. In this interview with BizNews, macroeconomic and political analyst P...

23 min
10 June 2024
Private loans yielding 9% in Pounds - gap in the market delivers a winner for SA investors

In our changing world, opportunities emerge all the time - but taking advantage requires research and understanding. Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management specialises in seeking out these anomalies with its UK private loan offering among the most popular with its South Afr...

21 min
10 June 2024
DE BEER on the power-hungry scramble for SA & the ports of KZN

United Independent Movement (UIM) President Neil de Beer has slammed the ongoing power-hungry coalition talks in which the ruling African National Congress  (ANC) is “not negotiating to stay in power”, but “negotiating to survive”. He also decries outrageous demands...

23 min
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