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Last Episode Date: 9 January 2024

Total Episodes: 30

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9 January 2024
Men being jealous of women making more money

Do you think that a women making more money than their husband means or partner brings confused in roles in the house hold ? --- Send in a voice message:

82 min
24 December 2023
Let’s normalize married couple sleeping in separate rooms

TEA TIME --- Send in a voice message:

32 min
21 December 2022
New season of the tea at Peppapodcast

ESP 1...season One --- Send in a voice message:

27 min
5 June 2022
25.... we are back season 2

Have you ever fake an organism?? --- Send in a voice message:

49 min
15 May 2022
We are back

Ep 3 --- Send in a voice message:

62 min
22 September 2021
Part 2 of last week segment...Are women too masculine and would you ladies propose to a man

Are women to masculine in a relationship is this because of childhood trauma --- Send in a voice message:

56 min
13 September 2021
Why aren't females feeling safe enough to let their femininity flourish..

Why do females always have to be so masculine?? Does this come from trauma... or because they never had man who was comfortable to lead In a masculine way --- Send in a voice message:

52 min
20 July 2021
Sex talk

Who you introduced 3 sums into your relationship --- Send in a voice message:

47 min
14 June 2021
Season 2

We started it off with a bang🌺🌺dating a woman who can't control their mouth when like dating a man who can't control his hands 🤷🏾‍♀️is this true?? And we got into two more topics but you will have to run in to hear what is was 🌺🌺🌺🌺 -...

65 min
28 May 2021
Season 2 coming stay tune

We have lots in store 🏬 click the link and find out what’s coming --- Send in a voice message:

19 min
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