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Unlocking the Potential of Assessments

This monthly series delves into creating, delivering and reporting on valid and reliable assessments. "Unlocking the Potential of Assessments" offers advice and thought leadership to those just starting out with assessments, those who have been in the industry at length and anyone with a keen interest in the future of assessments lead by host, John Kleeman. Join Questionmark on our quest to discover and examine the latest in best practice guidance with a wide array of guests - including assessment luminaries, industry influencers, SMEs and customers - and discuss "all things assessment."


Last Episode Date: 27 February 2024

Total Episodes: 42

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27 February 2024
The changing face of fairness: context, inclusivity & AI

Join host John Kleeman in an insightful conversation with Dr. Ada Woo, VP of Innovative Learning Sciences at Ascend Learning and seasoned expert in assessment and psychometrics. Dr. Woo shares her journey from aspiring clinical psychologist to becoming a leading figure in t...

26 min
29 November 2023
EdTech Revolution: Rethinking Learning Models with Carla Aerts

Join host John Kleeman in an insightful conversation with Carla Aerts, a trailblazer in the reinvention of education. Carla, with an unconventional journey from the performing arts to education technology, shares her accidental foray into the sector and delves into the impor...

30 min
9 October 2023
Workday: Being Ready for What’s Next - Skills as Strategy

John Kleeman welcomes Sonny Yuen, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Workday, to discuss the value of assessments in the world of e-learning and corporate learning. Sonny's impressive background includes roles at major e-learning companies, and he shares insights in...

30 min
14 August 2023
Ep. 39 – Assessment Luminary, John Weiner, Lifelong Learner Holdings

Host John Kleeman is joined by John Weiner, an expert in the assessment industry with four decades of experience. Until recently, he was Chief Science Officer at PSI, and now has the same role at its parent company, Lifelong Learner Holdings. They explore the evolution of ...

30 min
19 July 2023
Ep. 38 – Assessment Luminary, Mark Lynch, Learnosity

Host John Kleeman is joined by Mark Lynch, co-founder of Learnosity, a leading assessment technology company. Mark shares his accidental entry into the field of education and assessment, starting with his work on an assessment engine for the New South Wales Board of Educatio...

27 min
17 May 2023
Ep. 37 – Assessment Luminary, Matt Wingfield, e-Assessment Association

We had the privilege of hosting Matt Wingfield, a renowned expert in the field of assessments and a Chairman of the e-Assessment Association. Speaking with our host, John Kleeman, Matt shares valuable insights into the world of e-assessment and its implications for education...

32 min
26 April 2023
Ep. 36 - Assessment Luminary, Maria Hamdani, Center for Measurement Justice

Maria Hamdani, Vice President of Assessment and Research at the Center for Measurement Justice, joins John Kleeman to discuss the role of assessments in promoting equity and justice in education and employment. She shares her insights on how assessments can be designed and a...

30 min
29 March 2023
Ep. 35 - Assessment Luminary, Norihisa Wada, EduLab

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Norihisa Wada, executive adviser of EduLab in Japan, and director of the Japan Institute for Educational Measurement. Nori has experience with AI-driven voice recognition and has worked with Carnegie Mellon University and Kyoto ...

27 min
15 February 2023
Ep. 34 - Assessment Luminary, Dr. Gary A. Gates, Pearson VUE

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Dr. Gary A. Gates, the Managing Director of Pearson VUE. Originally a nuclear physicist, Dr. Gates details his journey into the world of assessments. He discusses his key priorities going into his second year leading Pearson, th...

30 min
25 January 2023
Ep. 33 - Assessment Luminary, Mike Olsen, Proctorio

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Mike Olsen, the CEO and Founder of Proctorio. Mike discusses what drove him to create a company focused on proctoring, how it has expanded beyond the education sector, and how the tool can be used to address test fraud. 

35 min
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