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The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd

The Pathless Path is hosted by Paul Millerd - a writer, creator, and consultant. He has conversations with freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs, creators, and vagabonds who share their perspectives on their relationship with work, burnout, bootstrapping, indie hacking, remote work, reinvention, creativity, sabbaticals, leisure, self-employment, unconventional living, and digital nomadism. Past guests include Ali Abdaal, Khe Hy, Ben Hunt, Wade Foster, Dan Vassallo, Kris Abdelmessih, Steph Smith, Amir Salihefendić, Alex Pang, Visakan Veerasamy, and more.


Last Episode Date: 13 May 2024

Total Episodes: 182

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13 May 2024
1 Year Dad Reflections - Conversation with Sky King & Nat Eliason

This is from Sky King's podcast: info:Nat: also has an amazing book coming out which I highly recommend, "Crypto Confidential": 📕Buy Paul’s Book (50k+ Sold): The Pathless Path😁 Jo...

85 min
16 April 2024
#173 Solopreneurship After Burnout — Justin Welsh on burnout, taking ownership of his time, struggling with a results oriented mindset, non-monetary success, becoming a top LinkedIn influencer, income goals, The Creator MBA, dealing with fears around money

Justin is a former startup executive who helped build two startups past valuations of $1B, teams of 150+ people, and raise over $300M in venture capital. Now he’s building his one-person knowledge business toward $5M in annual profit.🎥🍿 YOUTUBE: WATCH HERELinks:Perso...

67 min
1 April 2024
#172 Success In The Second Half Of Life — Henry Oliver on John Stuart Mill, Samuel Johnson, Penelope Fitzgerald, why we shouldn't dismiss Gladwell, writing, late bloomers, the importance of finding the others, Tyler Cowen's help and the lessons from Audrey Sutherland

Henry is a writer, speaker and brand consultant. He joins the podcast to discuss his upcoming book — Second Act — in which he analysises the phenomenon of late bloomers and what we can learn from them.🎥🍿 YOUTUBE: WATCH HERELinks:Personal websiteSubstack: The Common...

69 min
25 March 2024
#171 "All Work Is Noble," Montessori, and Kids & Work — Matt Bateman on starting growing up with the internet, digital and industrial literacy, studying philosophy and learning how to teach, starting the Guidepost school network, how to train teachers, how children learn and work, values in education, agency, and writing his new book

Matt Bateman has a PhD in philosophy. He has abandoned the academic career, to pursue education in the Montessori system. A dad of three, he is passionate about educating children. Having worked a lot with training the teachers in the Montessori approach, he has now taken a ...

75 min
18 March 2024
#170 Apprenticeships, Sabbaticals & "Good Work" — Steve Schlafman & Matt Yao on slowing down, deprogramming, unlearning, learning from others, deciding to quit, going on a sabbatical, not being jealous anymore, competitiveness and enoughness, finding good work, ambition, the apprenticeship, Downshift, decelerator, marriage, family and reframing money

Steve is a professional coach and the founder of Downshift — the world's first decelerator. He has left a career in venture, but he remains ambitious, it's just that his ambition is now to have a good, multidimentional life, where he can be a good dad for his kids.Matt has...

84 min
12 March 2024
#169 "2M Subscribers, I love what I do, should I take a break?" — David Pakman on finding good work early, , how money and motivation changed over time, finding a balance in content creation, life after YouTube, his doubts about taking a sabbatical, having a daughter, dealing with public recognition and hateful comments, the lack of role models

David Pakman is a political commentator and the host of The David Pakman Show. He joins the podcast to explore a possible paradigm shift in the way he approaches his work and life after the birth of his daughter.🎥🍿 YOUTUBE: WATCH HERELinks:The David Pakman ShowX (Twitt...

60 min
27 February 2024
#168 Building With "margin for life" — Justin Jackson on lessons from running a skate shop, optimizing for profit, running a "calm company," co-founding Transistor, having kids early, designing margins and how money actually does make him happy

Justin is the co-founder of Transistor, a podcast hosting platform on which The Pathless Path podcast is hosted. Justin is passionate about designing his company so that all the team benefits. He achieves that by making sure that there is always a financial margin as well as...

73 min
20 February 2024
#167 Wandering in the Wilderness — Dom Francks on confronting fragility, his love of nature, the disconnect from nature, working as a software engineer, viewing yourself as a piece of poetry, how we're always embedded in nature and being guided by intuition

Dom is the lead guide at the VIVIFY Regerative Leadership Program. He helps leaders develop by taking them on an 8-day backpacking expedition in the Sierra mountains. Dom is passionate about preserving the natural world, staying connected to it and practicing aliveness.🎥...

69 min
13 February 2024
#166 Breaking Free of the Rules — Rick Lewis on being a child actor, dropping out of college, being a professional juggler, street performing and a clowning, the corporate world as an outsider, breaking rules, parenting and how to reinvent yourself

Rick Lewis could be succinctly described as "a speaker, author & professional consultant", but such technical labelling wouldn't paint a fair picture of who he really is. He describes what he's doing as "intelligent misbehavior". He's public appearances have a much deepe...

79 min
5 February 2024
#165 Gardening in the Digital Ecosystem — Kevin Espiritu on his fascination with the early Internet, how Poker broke his brain on money, starting his YouTube channel, Epic Gardening, taking a long term perspective, how to structure a video, transforming his YouTube channel, introducing new people to his audience, the probabilistic mindset and what he learnt from poker that helps him in his life

Kevin is the man behind the Epic Gardening channel. Although he had not read the Pathless Path at the time of the recording of this episode, he seems to be living it with every breath he takes. The only constant thing in his life seems to be that is constatly reinventing him...

73 min
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