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The Diversity Pivot

The purpose of this podcast is to have the uncomfortable conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion that we all need to be having to PIVOT towards positive social change.


Last Episode Date: 19 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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19 May 2024
251: Top Workplace Trends with Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is Industry Analyst and CEO of advisory firm The Josh Bersin Company. He is an author, educator, and thought leader focusing on the global talent market and the challenges and trends impacting business workforces around the world. Josh studies the world of work, ...

32 min
12 May 2024
250: What Keeps Business Leaders Up at Night with Julie Kratz

In a recent study, CEOs cited workforce development, business strategy and HR financial impact as top concerns. Patrick Wright, department chair and Thomas C. Vandiver, bicentennial chair at the USC Darla Moore School of Business, conducts a survey of Fortune 500 CHROs every...

8 min
5 May 2024
249: Are Business Leaders Quiet Quitting on DEI with Julie Kratz

DEI continues to be polarized in the news cycle - from state legislation to public withdrawals of support. What's next for DEI? Leaders embedding it in their organizations because it is good for business. Read more on and follow Next Pivot Point at https://nextpi...

9 min
28 April 2024
248: The Intersection of Personality and DEI with John Hackston

John Hackston is the Head of Thought Leadership at the Myers-Briggs Company, where he leads the company’s Oxford-based research team. He is a frequent commentator on the effects of personality type on work and life, and has authored numerous studies, published papers in pe...

30 min
21 April 2024
247: The Inclusive Employee Experience with Torani CEO Melanie Dulbecco

Melanie Dulbecco’s mantra is “grow, baby, grow!” and that’s exactly what she’s done for over 30 years as Torani’s first CEO outside the founding family. Torani, a globally recognized flavor company and certified B-Corp, has averaged double-digit, year-over-year g...

37 min
14 April 2024
246: Decentering Whiteness with Dr. Janice Gassam Assare

Dr. Janice Gassam Assare has over 10 years of experience facilitating racial dialogue and educating others about equity and inclusion. The work that she does is inspired by her mom and her willingness to speak up and speak out against the oppressive systems that she had to n...

38 min
7 April 2024
245: April is Autism Acceptance Month with Matt Lowry

It goes without saying that autistic people are human. Yet, for the longest time, autism has been contextualized as robots or needing to be fixed. Matt Lowry is an Autistic adult and Licensed Psychological Practitioner who works exclusively with Autistic clients, performing ...

46 min
31 March 2024
244: An Allyship Approach to Dismantling Systems with Wema Hoover

Wema Hoover is a global executive and transformational leader of diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) and human resources and Principal & CEO of Wema Hoover Advisors, executive coaching firm and Be Limitless Consulting a DEI and Culture firm. Wema has a proven track ...

34 min
24 March 2024
243: Why Pronouns Are Important And How They Should Be Used with Julie Kratz

For folks who identify as non-binary or transgender, pronouns are essential to their identity. For folks who identify as cisgender (meaning you identify as the same gender you were assigned at birth where your gender generally corresponds to your biological sex), it may seem...

7 min
17 March 2024
242: How Do DEI and AI Coexist with Julie Kratz

Leaders are being tasked with managing a record level of change from politics to social issues due to the rapid pace of technological change. Those who embrace the human skills along with the technical skills will thrive. AI cannot replace human skills. To establish a compe...

7 min
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