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As community podcast, Shopware Unplugged reveals the current topics of the Shopware platform and the community by sharing experiences, approaches and educating in a funny way.

Last Episode Date: 3 April 2024

Total Episodes: 35

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3 April 2024
#35 Marketplace Magic: Crafting your ecommerce success story with Michael Sahlender from Mirakl

In this episode we delve into crafting your ecommerce success story through the transformative power of marketplaces. From strategic insights to practical tips, discover how to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce and unlock the secrets to sustainable grow...

53 min
18 February 2024
#34 Unveiling the secrets of Shopware Solution Specialist Certification with Justin Biddle

Get ready to unveil the ultimate ticket to e-commerce supremacy with Shopware Solution Specialist certification. In this captivating episode, Justin Biddle sheds light on the transformative power of the Solution Specialist certification and how it can elevate your e-commerce...

41 min
8 September 2023
#33 New chapter for Shopware with Alexey Pronin

What direction is Shopware moving in and what does it mean for the industry? Kasia is talking with Alexey, new General Manager EMEA at Shopware.   Kasia Hello everyone. It's a really special episode because I have a special guest directly from Shopware. Hi Alexey, I'm reall...

41 min
25 July 2023
#32 The future of B2B e-commerce with Tim Resl at B2Bsellers Suite

Kasia speaks with Tim @B2Bsellers Suite about where B2B is going and how fast it grew during the last few years.

28 min
30 March 2023
#31 Why do you need a consultant when you work with an eCommerce agency with Laura Kremer

Borys talks with Laura Kremer, an ecommerce consultant, about the interesting challenge why customers and agencies need support of 3rd party consultants. Listen to learn how to do it right and what are benefits for the customer and the agency. Borys We we can start with the...

38 min
13 March 2023
#30 What is the real value of Ecommerce talk with Miron Glass

Kasia talks with Dennis and Freek on what is the real value of Ecommerce talk with Miron Glass

33 min
3 February 2023
#29 Shopware agency market perspective with Edin Dedagic @WEBversiert

Borys talks with Edin about the development and Shopware agency landscape in Germany, considering latest changes and new PaaS & SaaS distributions. Edin is also a podcaster running German podcast

41 min
29 November 2022
#28 Shopware hosting and scaling challenges with Benno Lippert from maxcluster.

Borys talks with Benno Lippert from maxcluster about Shopware hosting and scaling challenges. Considering preparations for Black Friday. Learn what’s specific about Shopware hosting, how to approach Black Friday picks and traffic. - Borys: Hello everybody we're recording i...

34 min
21 November 2022
#27 The real value of the PIM in Ecommerce SaaS/PaaS world with Ergonode

Kate talks with Bart from Ergonode why PIM is important, how the ecosystem of Ecommerce got complicated and product information management became complex to handle, no matter how big the catalog of product is. What is the real value of the PIM in Ecommerce SaaS/PaaS composab...

45 min
9 November 2022
#26 Shopware new offering with Sebastian Hamann

This episode Borys talks with Sebastian Hamann, Founder & Co-CEO of Shopware, about new offering, how the market is changing and where Shopware sees its biggest potential.

40 min
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