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Rebel Radio is brought to you in partnership with The Art of Selling Without Selling Out. Rebel Radio shines a light on cultural pioneers and their influences, reflecting on the roots and future of underground culture. We engage the influencers who define what we wear, watch, listen to, and play with — and how we spend our spare time and loose change — and explore what it means to be a creative entrepreneur today. Our weekly interview show explores the journeys of those who do it best in all areas of youth culture. We learn how they stay creative in the face of relentless distract and setbacks. How they make something where previously nothing existed, how they find inspiration and influence, as well as how they inspire and influence others, and what it takes to create movements.


Last Episode Date: 6 March 2024

Total Episodes: 269

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6 March 2024
KC Lights: Music that grabs you and doesn't let go

KC Lights is a house DJ from Scotland whose star is rising quickly. This summer's hit "Better Times" accelerated that process, and when you see him live, you'll understand why. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

56 min
26 October 2023
Lessons from The QUEEN of House Music: Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters is the queen of house music! She was making dance floor killers when most of you were still in short pants, and more importantly her songs still move like they did back then. We talk about her extraordinary journey as an artist and entrepreneur and the new ve...

50 min
14 September 2023
How Music Grows Brands — Joe Belliotti and Rebecca Jolly

Brand partnerships in music has become more and more important in recent years. It's been a big part of my business — putting partnerships together for brands like Scion, Mazda, 7UP, and for artists like Linkin Park — and today's episode is with two people at the top of ...

68 min
7 September 2023
Supreme Beings of Leisure: Never give up your dream

Today's show is less of an interview and more of a wine-fueled roundtable where we talk about music, friendship, business, and how they all fit together. My co-host is Dennis White aka Latroit. He was my guest on the very first episode of Rebel Radio and has made a few appe...

66 min
30 August 2023
Chase: The more I paint, the luckier I get.

If you spend time in Venice, or follow West Coast graffiti, I'm sure you're familiar with the Art of Chase. His eye imagery has become iconic around these parts and he brings a bright playfulness to walls far beyond the beach. Our sometimes co-host Eddie Donaldson from Guer...

66 min
28 June 2023
"Spinning Gold" Is a Family Story and a Thrilling Musical Odyssey! — with Evan Bogart

We're back with Part 2 with Evan "Kidd" Bogart. Make sure you listen to part 1 to hear about Evan's incredbile journey through the music industry. He's also executive producer, music supervisor, and composer for the new motion picture "Spinning Gold" which tells the story o...

15 min
24 May 2023
Evan "Kidd" Bogart: When things get tough, lean in

Part 1 of 2 Evan "Kidd" Bogart seems like he would have had an easy ride to the top. He was born into music industry success — the son of Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart and Kiss manager Joyce Bogart Trabulus. And today has a Grammy (for Beyonce's "Halo") and a lon...

47 min
7 April 2023
Moby: You don't have to make something normal

Few artists have experienced the extreme highs and lows of Moby's career, from the global dominance of his 1999 album Play and headlining festivals, to the despair of feeling it all slip away. We talk about all of it: fame and fortune, addiction and misplaced expectations, ...

71 min
18 January 2023
Danny G: It’s about momentum

Danny G set a goal to release 10,000 pieces of content in 2022 across all of his channels. That’s 28 a day for all our math nerds. That forced him to think differently about his process and to focus on creating momentum with the algorithms, and his career. Scary at first...

42 min
21 December 2022
Seun Kuti: Musicianship + Ideology

"The future is a mystery," Seun tells us, now back home in Lagos, Nigeria, after his latest world tour. He's been leading his father's band, Egypt 80, since he was 14, stepping up to the mic after Fela's untimely death. Twenty-five years later, he says he never "took over" ...

45 min
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