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Racking Up Rentals

Racking Up Rentals (formerly Sleaze-Free Real Estate Investing) is real estate investing education for everyday investors who want to build long-term wealth by building a portfolio of rental real estate. Hosted by Jeff from The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur, the show focuses on grassroots real estate acquisition strategies based on the timeless fundamentals of relationship and negotiating directly with property sellers. The show explores all aspects of entrepreneurial off-market real estate acquisition--from lead generation to left-brain negotiation to right-brain deal structuring, financing and beyond. Learn more about The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur at


Last Episode Date: 4 January 2024

Total Episodes: 215

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4 January 2024
You Don’t Actually Invest In Properties

We think of ourselves as real estate investors.  That means we invest in properties, right?  Not so fast.  It may be properties that we buy, but it’s not properties we actually invest in. In this episode, Jeff explains that the investment we’re making is not in the pr...

16 min
28 December 2023
Don’t Underthink It

There are certain decisions we must make in life and business that we recognize as being big and important decisions, and we allocate much time and energy to them. There are other decisions we must make that seem small and insignificant; in fact, sometimes we don’t even re...

17 min
21 December 2023
From People Come Numbers

Most real estate investors have been taught to focus on numbers, numbers, numbers.  And numbers are indeed very important, but numbers without CONTEXT are meaningless.  In this episode, Jeff explains the expression “from people come numbers,” and discusses how people a...

17 min
14 December 2023
Client Case Study: Pasha Buys Four Off-Market Duplexes at Once

Often times the best way to learn is to hear the real life deal stories from other real estate investors doing great things! In this episode, Jeff interviews The DEALS Workshop and coaching client Pasha, who purchased four off-market duplexes at once, all from the same Selle...

29 min
7 December 2023
The #1 Most Important REI Skill

There are many different things a real estate investor must know about and be able to do. From deal analysis to understanding construction to having property management knowledge and beyond, there’s a lot to learn and know. But there’s one skill that rises above the othe...

15 min
30 November 2023
The Best Type of Competition to Have

As buyers of real estate, we wish we could have every great opportunity be competition-free.  After all, who wants to compete with other buyers for every great deal?  But the truth is, we can’t avoid competition; we can simply choose which type of competition we want to ...

23 min
23 November 2023
Two Different Things We MUST Gather From Sellers

When we meet a new Seller lead, our tendency is to immediately begin gathering lots of information. After all, with real estate, there’s a lot of information we need, right? Information on the condition of the property, age of mechanical systems, rents, expenses and more....

23 min
16 November 2023
Client Case Study: Tom Uses the Power of Relationship to Negotiate a Great Off-Market, Seller-Financed Triplex

Often times the best way to learn key concepts in real estate are to see and hear them in action in real-life deal case studies!  In this episode, Jeff interviews Tom, a coaching client in The DEALS Workshop.  Tom shares the case study of how he recently purchased an off-m...

31 min
9 November 2023
The Best Seller Financing Isn’t From Sellers Who Are Doing a Favor

Many real estate investors have an underlying belief that universally all Sellers would prefer to sell their properties for cash, and that selling via Seller Financing is an inferior backup plan they would only reluctantly agree to.  This leads to a belief that if the Selle...

16 min
2 November 2023
Should You "Always Be Willing to Walk Away"?

“Always be willing to walk away” is fairly standard real estate investing advice.  And like with all standard advice, it’s important to examine them so that we can formulate our own philosophies to guide our investing.  In this episode, Jeff discusses how “being wi...

20 min
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