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Our Two Cents with MBA

Join us at the Missouri Bankers Association as we invite guests from across the banking industry to engage in informative and thought provoking conversations. We'll discuss a wide variety of critical topics, including legislative priorities, regulatory updates, major technology trends, attracting and retaining talent, and much more.


Last Episode Date: 25 April 2024

Total Episodes: 45

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25 April 2024
A Conversation on Financial Wellness with MBA Chairman Adrian Breen

Throughout April, banks join various organizations and community groups to celebrate National Financial Literacy Month as they emphasize the important role that budgeting and saving play in managing finances. On this podcast episode, MBA Chairman Adrian Breen, CEO/president ...

32 min
28 March 2024
Missouri General Assembly Reaches Halfway Point

The Missouri General Assembly returned from its annual spring break this week for the last half of 2024 state legislative session, and MBA has several priority bills that are in good position in the Missouri House and Senate. David Kent and Emily Lewis with MBA’s governmen...

17 min
19 May 2023
MBA Wraps Up Successful 2023 State Legislative Session

Welcome to Our Two Cents with MBA. I’m Lori Bruce, communications director for the Missouri Bankers Association.In this episode, we discuss the 2023 state legislative session with MBA’s government relations team —  Senior Vice President David Kent and Vice President E...

18 min
16 May 2023
A Conversation with Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer

Joining us for this episode of Our Two Cents with MBA is Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, who represents Missouri's third congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Luetkemeyer joins MBA President Jackson Hataway to discuss the current banki...

36 min
6 March 2023
NextGen Reflects Diverse Range, Experience of Bankers

In this Our Two Cents with MBA podcast episode, MBA Vice President Emily Lewis speaks with Casey Crowell, senior vice president for The Bank of Missouri in Cape Girardeau, about MBA’s Next Generation in Banking. NextGen is the new name for the former Young Bankers Leadersh...

7 min
10 January 2023
Hitting the Right Mark on Recruitment & Retention

What must an employer do to attract great prospective candidates while simultaneously ensuring current employees are enjoying their work environment? It’s a question that weighs heavily on the minds of employers across all industries. In this episode of Our Two Cents with...

34 min
6 December 2022
Banking on the Future: A Conversation with MU School of Business

As the banking world changes, it brings an array of job opportunities for individuals. For college students, an internship with a bank allows them to explore the career possibilities that banking offers. In this episode, Lindsey Hing with the Mizzou Business Career Services ...

15 min
6 December 2022
A Winning Partnership: A Conversation with Focus Bank and Haberfeld

In this episode, we explore the partnership between Focus Bank and MBA associate member Haberfeld that has led to a culture of engagement to provide the best and highest level of customer service. Anna Ferrell, marketing director for Focus Bank, and Shawn Wagoner, senior vic...

24 min
2 September 2022
A Conversation with MBA Chairman J.R. Buckner

In this episode of Our Two Cents with MBA, we welcome new MBA Chairman J.R. Buckner, president and CEO of First Federal Bank of Kansas City. J.R. shares how education and encouragement from supervisors and managers early in his career led to his involvement with MBA. The enc...

33 min
30 August 2022
Midwest BankCentre, BJC HealthCare Discuss New Partnership

In this episode of Our Two Cents with MBA, we explore a new partnership between two St. Louis businesses, Midwest BankCentre and BJC HealthCare. BJC has developed a depository relationship with Midwest BankCentre to address a historic lack of investment in the City of St. Lo...

38 min
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