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Most people live their lives using a dull blade, hoping to make it through to another day. Even a thousand dull blades would be no match for One Sharp Sword! One Sharp Sword is about breaking free and cutting through the veil that holds us back from living fully into our own truth. Who would you be if you weren't listening to someone else's voice? What job or career path would you be on? Where might you be living? Who would you surround yourself with? What would you eat? What music would you listen to? Better still, what music would you play? Dr. Pernell (also known as "Dr. P") brings you his insights and interviews guests who have had their own significant breakthroughs. Here, you're certain to come away inspired, ready to sharpen your sword. Be sure to get your weekly breakthrough with Dr. P, every Tuesday right here! One Sharp Sword!


Last Episode Date: 16 April 2024

Total Episodes: 181

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16 April 2024
Interview with Emily Sander

From the c-suite to executive leadership coach and author, Emily Sander was a pleasure to have join me on One Sharp Sword.    Superman is Emily’s favorite Superhero. As with Clark Kent, Emily is adopted. She also uses - and encourages others to use - the superpow...

44 min
9 April 2024
Interview with Alain Hunkins

GREAT conversation with Alain today. From the culture he grew up with to how he guides leaders today, you’ll get a lot out of listening.   His three Cs are key to leadership, whether at home or in your organization: Connection Communication Collaboration And he spok...

40 min
2 April 2024
Interview with Aaron Trahan

A performance coach coming from the corporate sector who, after reflecting on what he wished he had been taught, Aaron Trahan set out on his path as a coach. He now helps others in leadership roles.   He notes that complacency must be met head on. Current success could ...

48 min
26 March 2024
Interview with Hugh Ballou

What does a musician and conductor know about leadership? My guest, Hugh Ballou, sees his work at conducting transformations. He defines what leadership is and isn’t and what components go into great leadership. His company, SynerVision is a crossover between synergy and v...

44 min
19 March 2024
Interview with Hesha Abrams

Can you get excited about conflict?  There’s an old movie from 1950 that caught my attention. It predates me, but still enchanted me. The play-turned-movie is Harvey. The main character, Elmer P. Dowd, finds people in an uproar talking about what he believes in. Elmer...

53 min
12 March 2024
Interview with Kevin Gazzara

Having grown up in PA, Dr. Kevin Gazzara had a propensity for taking things apart and putting them back together, it was a natural curiosity that drove him. He found himself organizing events for his friends. And what do you get when you have a curious kid who likes to organ...

53 min
5 March 2024
Interview with Roy Osing

What’s the ONLY thing you need to know about my guest this episode? Roy Osing is the ONLY author, entrepreneur, and executive leader who delivers practical and proven “audacious and unheard-of ways” to produce high-performing businesses and successful careers.   H...

45 min
27 February 2024
Interview with Noah St. John

I often have guests with a similar focus to mine as a way to look at differing approaches. Noah St. John has a great message and has managed to distill it into multiple columns, maximizing how that message gets out.   He’s a best selling author, a speaker, and an exec...

35 min
20 February 2024
Interview with Eric Stone

From an entry level position at Enterprise Rental Car spanning over two and a half decades when he left the company as the Regional Vice President, Eric Stone learned a thing or two about CULTURE.   Through engagement and other key steps, you create Culture Carriers. Lo...

49 min
13 February 2024
Interview with Marco Torres

Marco Torres grew up in the Caribbean as his father ran GE Credit Corp from Puerto Rico. He learned about adventure and entrepreneurship. At 12 y/o he was featured in the news for having the largest paper route in the area. 11 years later, with his brother and mother, he ope...

51 min
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