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Marketing Geeks

Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon geek out on the latest marketing trends, technology news, and pop culture happenings. Whether you are interested in internet marketing, influencer marketing, copywriting, or psychological tactics, you are going to love this show. We cover social media, email marketing, online sales funnels, and all things marketing on this show. Support this podcast:


Last Episode Date: 2 March 2024

Total Episodes: 150

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2 March 2024
Marketing Updates For 2024

Ep 151- The Marketing Geeks return to discuss the latest marketing news and tactics for the year 2024. Make sure to subscribe to the show to never miss an episode of Marketing Geeks! --- Send in a voice message:

52 min
13 January 2024
2023 Year End Review & What's Next!?!

Ep 150 - The Marketing Geeks return to review how marketing and technology have evolved throughout 2023 and to preview what's coming in the year 2024 and beyond. Make sure to subscribe to the show to never miss an episode of Marketing Geeks! --- Send in a voice mes...

59 min
19 November 2023
Chat GPT's CEO Just Got Fired

Ep 149: So, Sam Altman got fired last night. In the dead of night, news broke that Open AI, the company behind Chat GPT, had fired their CEO. Get the latest on this breaking story and key theories to explain what's really going on as only the Marketing Geeks can tell yo...

33 min
26 October 2023
Facebook Gets Sued & Sex Robot VR Is Here To Stay...

Ep 148: The Marketing Geeks return to discuss new SMS regulations for marketers, the multi-state lawsuit against Meta over targeting kids with addictive marketing strategies, an update on Elon Musk, and finally, it's back, the legendary Sex Robot Report returns... with ...

35 min
14 October 2023
ChatGPT's New Powers Unleashed...

Ep 147: In this enlightening episode of Marketing Geeks, we delve deep into the evolving world of artificial intelligence and its profound influence on various sectors of the business world. From the advancements in ChatGPT's capabilities to the intricate art of crafting Mi...

28 min
5 October 2023
An AI Reckoning For Stolen Content?

Ep 146 - In this episode, the Marketing Geeks dive into the world of AI and ChatGPT to discuss the ethics of how AI models are trained. Is it okay for ChatGPT to be fed news articles from a private company, or to scrape data from a site like X, aka Twitter? We'll get t...

20 min
20 September 2023
The Lowdown on the AI Challenge

Ep 145 - In this short episode, Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon provide the lowdown on the 30 day AI challenge and what's happening with it going forward. Make sure to subscribe to the show to never miss an episode of Marketing Geeks! --- Send in a voice message...

15 min
22 August 2023
AI Challenge Update

Ep 144 - In this episode, Andros Sturgeon receives a progress update on Justin Womack's 30 day AI revenue generation challenge and he has questions. Find out what's happening with the challenge, what's working, what's not, and what's next in this sh...

11 min
10 August 2023
The 30 Day AI Revenue Generation Challenge!

Episode 143: The 30 Day AI Revenue Generation Challenge Does AI have the power to take you and your business to record profits and massive success? The Marketing Geeks are determined to find out and we're taking on a special 30 day challenge to put AI revenue generati...

15 min
3 August 2023
The Marketing Geeks Strike Back

Episode 142: The Marketing Geeks Strike Back As Hollywood has gone dormant amidst the writers' and actors' strikes, the Marketing Geeks are striking back with all new hot takes on today's biggest stories in marketing and entertainment. Tune is for a REAL dis...

54 min
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