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Love, Light & Business with Mona Lisa

So, the big question is this…. How are every-day, spiritually minded women like us who don’t love the spotlight, who are willing to risk everything to create lives we LOVE, how do we market ourselves in a way that feels GOOD, while still becoming profitable? That is the question and this Podcast will give you the answers. My name is Mona Lisa Ondevilla and welcome to the Love, Light and Business Podcast.


Last Episode Date: 15 June 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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15 June 2024
092: your introversion, intuition & sensitivity are your unique superpowers! (mini series, 3 of 6)

Mona Lisa shares how embracing your introversion, sensitivity and feminine energy can transform your life and business! You will:- Learn how embracing your introversion can transform your energy and confidence, which directly affects how you show up in your life, business an...

7 June 2024
091: how the seasons & the moon affect your energy (mini series, 2 of 6)

We are all part of nature, and like nature, we have cycles, rhythms, periods of rest and periods of growth… and when we can tap into them, instead of work against them, we can show UP with high vibes and amazing energy to all of the things that matter to us- like business,...

1 June 2024
090: your energy glow up (mini series, 1 of 6)

I am kicking off my Your Energy Glow Up, Mini Course to help you glow up YOUR energy so you can show UP with high vibes and amazing energy to all of the things that matter to you - like your business, relationships, family! Sign up at to take the free min...

18 April 2024
089: why I almost left my business (that I love) & what brought me back.

Hang out with me live on 4/22 on my free class, How To Tap Into Seasonal Magic For Long-Term Success In Biz & Life: A Spring Reset ✨

16 April 2024
088: Spring ‘24 Catch Up with Mona Lisa

On this episode, Mona Lisa shares how she lives with the seasons, and how this has given her more inspiration, excitement and permission to be where she is in business and life!

24 January 2023
087: How To Figure Out The Next Right Step On Your Business Development Journey

On this episode, Mona Lisa shares how she decides what to do next in her business to take her business to the next level, and how she approaches business trainings, programs, coaching and investments.This is her simple approach to taking business trainings that have helped h...

21 January 2023
086: Winter Hibernation... Mona Lisa's Yearly Non-Negotiable!

On this episode, Mona Lisa shares about taking time off for her annual winter hibernation and why she’s made this a non-negotiable part of her life!She also shares her thoughts on New Year’s resolutions as she gets ready to wrap up 2022, and begin 2023.

30 December 2022
085: How To Feel More Confident In Yourself & Your Business (Without Doing Anything Differently!)

On this episode, Mona Lisa shares how you can feel more confident in areas of your life where you might feel shaky and insecure (like starting a business, being visible on social media, and sharing your message out in the world). She shares how she recently overcame feeling ...

13 December 2022
084: I Posted For 30 Days On My New TikTok & IG - Here's What Happened

On this episode, Mona Lisa shares what happened after she posted a TikTok, Facebook Reel, Instagram Reel & YouTube Short every day for 30 days straight… and what you need to do as an introverted, heart-centered and intuitive entrepreneur!She had ZERO experience with Ti...

15 November 2022
083: What To Do When Things Go Wrong (True Story!)

On this episode, Mona Lisa shares a story about a time she didn’t follow her intuition… and what happened right after (spoiler alert - it wasn’t great!).So if you ever feel like something has gone wrong, or you find yourself going down a negative spiral of negativity, ...

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