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Live Life Liberated

Welcome to the Live Life Liberated Podcast. In this podcast, the team at Centura Wealth Advisory shares stories, smart techniques and insights for those individuals and families who have not yet been exposed to innovative tax planning strategies that help build and protect their wealth. We help our clients take their wealth from complex to elegant and from burdened to liberated. Join us as we explore strategies drawn from years of experience, research, and innovation, to solve your seen and unseen wealth management hurdles.


Last Episode Date: 1 May 2024

Total Episodes: 95

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1 May 2024
Understanding Alternative Investments: Why You Should Look Beyond Stocks and Bonds (Ep. 95)

Alternative investments may offer significant opportunities for superior risk-adjusted returns and portfolio diversification. Yet, many investors find their portfolios thin of these investments. In this episode, Centura Wealth Advisory’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Osm...

52 min
17 April 2024
How to Lower Your Capital Gains Taxes with Adam Buchwalter (Ep. 94)

Some states (like California, New Jersey, and New York) charge significant capital gains taxes.  However, there are 8 states that have zero capital gains tax! This disparity creates some tax planning opportunities for people living in highly taxed states. Tune in to Derek M...

32 min
3 April 2024
Our Proprietary Liberated Wealth® Process for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Clients (Ep. 93)

Are you ready to dive into the world of proactive and comprehensive wealth management designed to help ultra-high-net-worth individuals achieve exponential results? In this episode, Sean Clark speaks with Derek Myron, founder, CEO, and managing director of Centura Wealth Adv...

35 min
20 March 2024
How Can High-Income Business Owners Supercharge Their Retirement Savings? (Ep. 92)

Business owners with a lot of surplus cash flow often want to put it away in a qualified plan and defer taxes. The problem is that they might feel restricted by the contribution limits. However, there is a way to set up a qualified plan and potentially contribute millions of...

36 min
14 February 2024
Effective Use Cases of Life Insurance for Wealth Transfer, Tax Planning, and More (Ep. 91)

Life insurance is often only viewed as a way to get a death benefit. But if you look beyond its conventional definition, you’ll see how life insurance has several use cases in tax planning, wealth transfer, and as an alternative investment! Join Centura Wealth Advisory’s...

41 min
10 January 2024
Tax Countdown: Planning for the Expiration of the TCJA (Ep. 90)

In 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) introduced some significant changes to tax laws, both on the income and estate side. Now, as we approach its expiration on December 31st, 2025, it is important to plan for the looming tax changes! Join our senior wealth advisors Matt...

35 min
27 December 2023
How to Plan for the Looming Estate Tax Issue (Ep. 89)

The once-generous estate and gift tax exemptions set by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) are due to sunset on December 31, 2025. Is your estate plan ready for the challenge? In this episode, Kyle Malmstrom, Managing Director, and Christopher Hyman, Director of Insurance Solu...

29 min
13 December 2023
Unbundling Financial Services and Maximizing Value for High-Net-Worth Individuals (Ep. 88)

As the financial services industry moved to a fee-based model, many firms started to ‘bundle’ their services. For example, investment management may be bundled with financial planning. But are clients really getting maximum value from bundled services? In this episode, D...

37 min
22 November 2023
Investing Amidst Uncertainty: A 2024 Election Discussion with Michael Townsend (Ep. 87)

Are you worried about the impact of the 2024 election on the markets and your investments? Especially when geopolitical tensions, the uncertainty of tax law changes, the ousting of the Speaker of the House, and the threat of a government shutdown are adding to the stress? In...

31 min
8 November 2023
Keys to Building an Amazing Corporate Culture and a Rockstar Team (Ep. 86)

With companies shifting to a hybrid work environment, it has become challenging to maintain a strong corporate culture, attract top talent, and build high-performing teams. In this episode, Derek Myron, CEO, and Jonathan Freeman, COO, share actionable ideas to build a thrivi...

31 min
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