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Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan

Leading in Color is a podcast about cultivating intentional, positive workplace experiences and environments. From recruiting and hiring, to training and development, to coaching and discipline, to policy and strategy, to trends and hot topics. Leading in Color tackles each area thru a lens of diversity, equity, fairness and inclusion. Leading in Color also highlights the unique challenges and cutting-edge creativity of leading with social consciousness in the corporate world. Join our host, Sarah Morgan, as she navigates these conversations in solo and guest interview episodes to provide practical advice and simple action steps for success.


Last Episode Date: 9 May 2024

Total Episodes: 56

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9 May 2024
The War on DEI, Colorism in the Workplace & More Hot Topics (Leading in Color - S4, Ep56)

In this solo episode, host Sarah Morgan tackles a few hot topics:    The Appeals Court rejection of Florida's Stop WOKE Act Colorism in the Workplace via HBR Addressing Genocides & Anti-Genocide Protests Around the World   Want to submit your question or a hot topi...

19 min
7 April 2024
Integrity in Reporting and the Future of Women's Sports Media (Leading In Color - S4, Ep55)

In this episode, host Sarah Morgan is interviewing Sports Content Creator, Bailey Jackson.    Bailey Jackson is a skilled sports writer and storyteller with experience in Marketing and Sports Broadcasting with The Big Ten Network and Quality Control Sports. Bailey has buil...

31 min
6 March 2024
The Audacity of Florida, Defending Rachel Dolezal and More Hot Topics (Leading in Color S4, Ep54)

In this solo episode, host Sarah Morgan tackles a few hot topics:    Pending FLSA Salary-Exempt Changes for 2024 The Audacity of Florida's Advice to HR Defending Rachel Dolezal and OnlyFans   Want to submit your question or a hot topic for a future episode? Click HERE...

30 min
29 November 2023
Finding Inspiration, Lifelong Learning, and Strategic Planning from the EEOC

In this episode, host Sarah Morgan is interviewing Thomas Colclough.  Thomas Colclough began his career with EEOC in 1988. He has held various positions such as Investigator, Enforcement Supervisor, Local Office Director of Greensboro, NC, Local Director of the Richmond, Va...

49 min
17 October 2023
Why Now is NOT the Time to Give Up on DEI, How AI will Impact Jobs, & More (Leading in Color - S4, Ep52)

In this solo episode, host Sarah Morgan tackles a few hot topics:    Why Now is NOT the Time to Give Up on Your DEI Initiatives How AI will Impact Jobs for the Good -- and Not So Good The Ways We've Twisted Accountability vs Micromanagement   If you want to receive the ...

29 min
8 September 2023
Best Practices in Talent, Onboarding & Orientation (Leading In Color - S4, Ep51)

In this episode, Sarah talks with the workshop leaders of the upcoming HROI Summit on their thoughts on 1) the biggest struggles for organizations in finding talent thru their recruiting efforts, 2) the greatest missed opportunity for organizations in onboarding & orient...

40 min
24 August 2023
Black Crime, Anti-Racism, Teaching DEI to Children, & Real Housewives (Leading In Color - S4, Ep 50)

In this solo episode, host Sarah Morgan is answering questions directly from the listeners! These include:  Does the Carlee Russell incident make Black victims of crime be taken less seriously?  What is the right age to begin teaching children about the dark parts of US h...

32 min
3 August 2023
The Importance of Analytics in Your People Strategy (Leading in Color - S4, ep 49)

In this episode, host Sarah Morgan is interviewing Dr Meisha-Ann Martin.    Dr. Meisha-ann Martin has spent almost twenty years as an employee experience researcher and practitioner and has a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida....

55 min
20 July 2023
The Future of DEI, Social Media, and Censorship (Leading In Color - S4, Ep48)

In this solo episode, host Sarah Morgan discusses HOT TOPICS in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to be aware of:  The SCOTUS Ruling No One Is Talking About -- But Should Be Lawyers for Civil Rights Taking on Legacy Admissions Lowkey Book Banning in Public Libraries Musk v...

26 min
29 June 2023
Transforming Your Leadership by Understanding LGBTQ+ Culture (Leading In Color - S4, Ep47)

In this episode, host Sarah Morgan is interviewing Dr Joel A. Davis Brown.  Dr. Joel is the chief visionary officer for the organizational development firm Pneumos. He is also a public speaker and an author. He has worked in leadership and management training since 2006 and...

73 min
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