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KnolShare with Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave Cornelius conversations with influential leaders about generative leadership, organizational coaching, product development, and design thinking


Last Episode Date: 21 June 2024

Total Episodes: 30

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21 June 2024
E130: Guiding LPM with Generative Leadership – Guest Phil Gardiner

The conversation revolved around the importance of organizing around value to foster collaboration, team resilience, and innovation. Leaders must co-create unique spaces where people can thrive and succeed, starting small and gradually scaling Lean Portfolio Management. Alig...

14 June 2024
E129 Generative Leadership To Thrive – Guest Bryn Jones

Dr. Dave A. Cornelius and Bryn Jones discussed generative leadership practices that foster adaptive organizations, focusing on tenets such as an abundance mindset, trusting individuals, and valuing diverse perspectives. They also explored the concept of generative leadership...

13 June 2024
E128 Guiding Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) with Generative Leadership, Guest Luke Hohmann

Dr. Dave and Luke Hohmann discuss the benefits of Lean Portfolio Management with generative Adaptive Practices, emphasizing the importance of creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement. They highlight the challenges of implementing LPM in existing organization...

13 June 2024
E127 Guiding Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) with Generative Leadership – Introduction

Dr. Dave A. Cornelius, aka Dr. Dave, discusses the intersection of generative leadership and Lean portfolio management. They emphasize the importance of adopting an abundance mindset, trust, and a willingness to learn from failure. Dr. Dave highlights the challenges and oppo...

23 March 2024
E126: Special Guest LaChelle Adkins, America’s SuperMom

LaChelle Adkins, America’s SuperMom, Special Guest, KnolShare with Dr. Dave Podcast Hello, and welcome to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast. I am Dave A. Cornelius, affectionately called Dr. Dave, your host. Today's conversation is about the 'Social Change Advocates' and...

29 min
1 March 2024
E125: Special Guest Dillon Treacy

Dillion -- Drumming Connects me to my Heritage and Culture Dillion Treacy - Getting To Your Mountaintop Series Summary Music career and prophecy with drummer Dylan Tracy. 0:07 Dr. Dave shares his prophecy that Dylan Tracy will be a drummer after giving him a drumstick as a b...

16 February 2024
E124: Earl and Charlotte Grant-Cobb, Featured Guests on KnolShare with Dr. Dave

Getting to Your Mountaintop - Navigating as a Generative Leader Summary Generative Leadership and Personal Discovery. 0:07 Dr. Dave and the guests discuss generative leadership, sharing personal experiences and insights. Speakers reflect on legacy, generative leadership, and...

10 February 2024
E123: Featuring Guest Melanie Richards, The Social Advocate on the Getting to Your Mountaintop Series

Melanie Stated, Resonance is key to self-care. Prioritize what lights you up. The Getting to Your Mountaintop - Social Change Advocate is a special episode of the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast featuring the inspiring Melanie Richards, Founder of ‘BVisiblewithMel’ and H...

3 February 2024
E122: Our Guest today is Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson. Getting to Your Mountaintop Series.

Summary of Dr. Dave A. Cornelius and Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson COnversation. Summary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech and Black History Month. 0:07 Dr. Dave quotes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Mountaintop" speech, discussing pursuing the promised land for social innovators an...

27 January 2024
E121: Getting To Your Mountain Top – Trailblazing Entrepreneurs with Darrell “CoachD” Andrews

Hello and Welcome to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast.  I am Dr. Dave A. Cornelius, affectionately called Dr. Dave, and I am your host. We are in the early reality of 2024, and I am fired up and ready to go. This is the first episode of the ‘Getting to Your Mountain To...

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