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JLL Perspectives

JLL’s commercial real estate experts, together with industry leaders, provide a snapshot into the latest developments in the real estate sector impacting our cities, our workplaces, and the broader built environment.

Last Episode Date: 9 May 2024

Total Episodes: 41

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9 May 2024
Ep9: Why company leaders are taking a stand on loneliness - with Simone Heng, author, Let's Talk About Loneliness and Nathan Sri, human experience expert, Work Dynamics, JLL

Loneliness is a crisis of climate change proportions.That is the assessment of Simone Heng, a human connection specialist and author of the book ‘Let’s Talk About Loneliness’. She chats to Nathan Sri, a human experience expert with JLL’s Work Dynamics team, and Persp...

28 min
26 March 2024
Ep8: How are landowners being compensated as solar and wind farms surge? - Larry Susskind, MIT; Jamahl Waddington and Will Gurry, JLL

The race to drive down carbon emissions is on, which means renewable energy projects such as wind and solar farms are surging. But they can often be a source of contention among rural landholders, whose properties make the ideal location for renewables infrastructure. So wha...

38 min
21 February 2024
Ep 7: How offices became a tale of the very best and the rest - with Tim O'Connor, Marie-Laure de Sousa, Neil Prime, Jeff Eckert, Alex Barnes

The growing performance gap between new buildings with a high sustainability and experience offering, and ageing offices, is both the biggest opportunity and the biggest problem facing real estate investors right now.Some buildings located outside main cities are increasingl...

33 min
26 November 2023
Ep 6: What's driving the revival of real estate's 'challenged' sectors? - Andrew Ballantyne, head of research - Australia, JLL

Retail real estate, student accommodation, and the hotels and hospitality sector took a hit during the COVID pandemic. But less than five years on, their comeback journeys are defying expectations.Respected real estate analyst and commentator Andrew Ballantyne speaks to Pers...

22 min
10 August 2023
Ep5: The 'haves' and 'have-nots' of offices and why mortgage distress headlines are misleading - with Andrew Ballantyne, JLL

Host Rebecca Kent checks in with JLL's head of research for Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Ballantyne for a download of what JLL's half-year data tells us about the state of real estate.Business's sustainability requirements are driving a huge desirability gap between new...

20 min
12 July 2023
Ep4: Barista coffee and views to die for: designing JLL's new Sydney office, with Christina Khoo, JLL

JLL, the global real estate services firm, recently moved its central Sydney operations to a new office at the Lendlease-owned Salesforce Tower. The office is everything research says workplaces need to be: it’s hospitality-driven, sustainable, flexible, tech-enabled, it e...

45 min
29 May 2023
Ep 3: Three things that have got real estate talking, with Andrew Ballantyne, head of research - Australia and NZ, JLL

Why Australia is bucking the trend on office demand; The tax boost that build-to-rent needed; And how much longer will industrial real estate remain the industry's golden child. JLL's head of research for Australasia, Andrew Ballantyne explores these ideas, supported by JLL ...

24 min
8 February 2023
Ep2: 5 frequently asked questions about real estate sustainability, with Connor McCauley and Anthony Clark, JLL

Measures to mitigate real estate’s impact on the environment are gathering pace, but some managers are struggling to keep up, with confusion around sustainability targets and how to achieve them.JLL’s Connor McCauley, head of sustainability for Australia and New Zealand,...

27 min
3 May 2022
Ep 1: What does the post-COVID university campus look like? - David Bruce, Monash University; Dinesh Acharya, JLL

Universities have been redesigning their campuses and classrooms to suit how people want to teach and learn in the 2020s.Spaces now accommodate remote and on-site students at the same time, and there’s a greater leaning towards collaborative learning. Why the changes? What...

22 min
2 February 2022
Ep 29: The 5 real estate investment drivers of 2022 - Andrew Ballantyne and Fergal Harris, JLL

JLL has identified five key themes that will drive real estate investment decisions in 2022. They are where opportunity beckons and where global investors are focusing their strategies as more capital is ploughed into real estate on the back of a record-breaking 2021.Guests:...

25 min
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