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Invest Like a Boss

Interviews with the world's best investors and find out what they are currently investing in whether it be the stocks, retirement accounts, Wealthfront, Betterment, Vanguard, mutual funds, real estate, Forex, REITs, or other types of Investing methods. Millionaire and Entrepreneur Sam Marks, Johnny FD & Derek Spartz invest alongside listeners as they share their personal portfolios as they save their hard earned money for travel, life and retirement. Invest Like a Boss covers all aspects of investing in the modern age in a fun, entertaining way. The show hosts interview the worlds best investors, financial Insiders, entrepreneurs and CEOs to find out what they are investing in and strategies to gain outsized returns. In this modern age of investing, new investment instruments are popping up each day, from P-2-P lending, to robo-advisors, equity crowd-funding to REITS. Investors today need to combine centuries of investment wisdom with an modern outlook and approach. Entrepreneurs Sam Marks, Johnny FD & Derek Spartz each took different paths to success to now focus on learning how to invest alongside the listeners in order to put their hard earned money to work. Copyright Invest Like a Boss Inc.


Last Episode Date: 23 May 2024

Total Episodes: 297

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23 May 2024
297: Investing in Whisky with London Cask Traders

Our first episode ever on the topic of whisk(e)y features guest Oliver Court, Managing Director of London Cask Traders. There are many parallels to our previous episodes on investing in wine and we find out how it differs in the spirits space. After the interview, Derek and ...

59 min
9 May 2024
296: Side Hustles 101 - Mastering the Driver Apps

Derek and Johnny kick off the first in a series of side hustle episodes to help you earn quick cash to invest or just pay the bills! The guys start out with the easiest way to get started with a side hustle - the driver apps. Almost every country in the World has apps that l...

41 min
25 April 2024
295: Q1 2024 Quarterly Update

Quarterly Update time! Sam and Johnny sit down to talk about what they've been up to the last 3 months and what's the plan for the next 3. Johnny talks visiting family, being in the worst shape of his life while on the opposite end Sam discusses living essentially ...

36 min
11 April 2024
294: Matthew 'Whiz' Buckley on Flying in Top Gun, Trading Options & Taking Psychedelics

Matthew 'Whiz' Buckley of Top Gun Options & No Fallen Heroes Foundation speaks with Sam about his many interesting lives! Buckley served in the U.S. Navy's elite "Top Gun" flight program (including on 9/11), then left the military to work in the ...

79 min
28 March 2024
293: Building a Dream Charity in Bali | Peduli Learning Center

Sam interviews Mazi Sadri & Dedy Tein, co-founders of the Peduli Learning Center in Bali, Indonesia. They discuss how they were able to secure land and build a supplemental school from the ground up at a surprisingly affordable cost. Mazi & Dedy break down costs to b...

62 min
14 March 2024
292: Using A.I. To Manage Traffic with Parquery CEO Andrea Fossati

There's a lot of buzz around A.I. and what the future holds... but what about its potential to change today's problems? All of us deal with traffic in our cars and there are A.I. systems already in place around the World helping to solve this issue. One such compan...

49 min
29 February 2024
291: Stem Cell Therapy and Alternative Healthcare

This episode may not be a financial investment for your wealth, but one for your health - which is arguably even more important! After Sam tried stem cell therapy for the first time on his knee, we decided to have an expert on the show to talk about this exciting alternative...

82 min
15 February 2024
290: Generate Higher Passive Returns Selling Shareholder Voting Rights

We dig into a new platform called Shareholder Vote Exchange (SVE) to unlock value in proxies you are issued for each individual stock you own. As far as we know, SVE is the first of its kind to take on this concept at scale, and this could be an easy passive way to earn extr...

54 min
1 February 2024
289: What's Your Retirement Number? Plus 4 Ways to Spend It Down

Sam, Johnny & Derek all got together for this episode - the first will all of us in almost 3 years! Our ILAB Patreons were able to receive this episode one week early plus got video and bonus content - become a Patreon HERE & instantly access that! The topic of retir...

73 min
18 January 2024
288: Dave Ramsey Personality George Kamel on Breaking Free from Broke

George Kamel is the 3rd Dave Ramsey Personality (links to previous below) to join Invest Like a Boss and he has a new book out titled Breaking Free from Broke: The Ultimate Guide to More Money and Less Stress. This interview was recorded in November 2023 and was held until t...

58 min
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