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Inside the Mind of Champions

Former England Cricketer Jeremy Snape has spent the past ten years researching 'The Winning Mindset' of some of the world’s most successful performers. His journey has taken him around the world, interviewing elite sports stars and coaches, as well as neuroscientists and leaders from the performing arts, business and the military. In this podcast series, Jeremy takes you Inside the Mind of Champions, sharing their exclusive stories on mindset, leadership and team culture to accelerate success in your life and career.


Last Episode Date: 23 April 2024

Total Episodes: 140

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23 April 2024
Micro-lesson #50: Respecting Red Lights with Sir Viv Richards

In this micro-lesson, we honor the memory of Duncan Fearnley, whose cricket bat craftsmanship has left a lasting legacy, just like the indomitable Sir Viv Richards, whose wisdom takes centre stage. Tune to hear how Viv applies the metaphor of traffic lights – understanding...

7 min
21 March 2024
Mastermind - Professor Roger Steare - Rethinking leadership, ethics and organisational culture

Professor Roger Steare is The Corporate Philosopher – a senior advisor on culture, leadership and organisational development, ethics and inclusion. He has a unique track record of challenging and supporting global corporations on billion-dollar risk management and remediat...

52 min
14 March 2024
Microlesson #49: Developing confidence cues with Helen Richardson-Walsh MBE

Welcome to Inside The Mind of Champions, where we delve into the insights and strategies of exceptional individuals in the world of sports and business. In this microlesson, we explore a powerful strategy used by Olympic gold medalist Helen Richardson-Walsh to overcome self-...

5 min
8 March 2024
Jockey Harry Cobden’s Winning Mindset

Harry Cobden burst onto the horse racing scene at 16 and has since matured into a seasoned professional by his mid-twenties, known for his remarkable poise under the intense pressure of the sport. He is at the top of the jump jockey's championship with 138 wins at a 23% stri...

29 min
18 January 2024
Microlesson #48: Sir Dave Brailsford on The Golden Role of Feedback

Sir Dave Brailsford is a renowned leader from GB Olympic cycling and the ‘Team Ineos’ Tour de France teams. He coined the marginal gains theory where 100 components could be improved by one percent. Here, we uncover the importance of receiving feedback and its impact on ...

8 min
6 January 2024
Mastermind: Kipp Popert – overcoming adversity to become the world No.1 disability golfer

Despite being born ten weeks premature and developing cerebral palsy, which impairs the muscular movement in his legs, Kipp Popert has grown to become the world No.1 disability golfer. From his early struggles with surgeries to his triumphs on the golf course, Kipp's story i...

75 min
18 December 2023
Microlesson #47: Exploring mindset, mistakes and motivation with the School for CEO’s

As you are starting to wind down to these all-important holidays at the end of the year, I’ve gathered some insights to reflect on. They come from a recent podcast interview I was on with David Wright from The School for CEOs. Tune in as we explore the key psychologic...

10 min
24 November 2023
Mastermind: Shaun Lane – how psychology and setbacks created a rugby league star

Content warning: this episode covers the topic of suicide and depression. If you need resources or support, talk to your GP or a relevant health practitioner.Shaun Lane is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays as a second-row forward for the Parramatta...

35 min
9 November 2023
Mastermind: Lt Col Susie Hines – Understanding Mental Wellbeing

Lt Col Susie Hines is an experienced mental health nurse who transitioned to the British Army and has dedicated her career to managing and delivering clinical mental health services for defense personnel. This conversation comes from a webinar for the Sporting Edge Members.&...

51 min
1 November 2023
Micro-lesson #46: Ubuntu and the Boks

Today we’re exploring how both the New Zealand All Blacks and South African Rugby team have created an emotional competitive advantage over their rivals. They’ve both harnessed their unique heritage, culture and a higher purpose to galvanise their teams. With the spotlig...

9 min
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