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Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization Show

If you think this is just another podcast, think again. We are the voice of the most important crucial conversations confronting business leaders and people today. Our goal is to bring you ways to reimagine tomorrow and explore the impact and convergence of business, technology, and people. Recognized as one of the top all-time leadership and management podcasts (Goodpods), top leadership podcast (Podcast Tonight), top 1.5% of all podcasts (Listen Notes), Top 100 podcast (Chartable) to mention a few!


Last Episode Date: 20 June 2024

Total Episodes: 402

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20 June 2024
Everywhere Work: Threading the IT Needle with Security and Flexibility

Flexibility in the workplace is a hot topic, but 2024 Everywhere Work reports show a stark reality: only 25% of workers feel their work environment is highly flexible. We need to bridge this gap for a truly adaptable workforce. In this episode host Ira S Wolfe and Ivanti’s...

48 min
11 June 2024
Unleashing Your Potential: The How and Why of Personal Well-Being

The Whole You: Work, Home Life host Joe Serio and Senior Contributor, Forbes, and Behavioral Scientist Tanya Tarr continue their dynamic conversation about the how and why of personal well-being.  Together they delve into the intriguing concept of a "House of Well-Being" an...

18 min
5 June 2024
Is It Time to Change Your Tune? Accountability Lessons from the Music Industry's Decline

You’re going to want to turn up the volume for this episode. Are you yearning to break through your comfort zone, ramp up your accountability game, and master the art of effective communication? In this epic leadership smackdown between the importance of accountability and...

49 min
4 June 2024
Economic Tug-of-War: Inflation, Debt, and the U.S. Dollar

This premiere episode of “At the Corner of Main St. & Wall St. episode is a gripping reminder that when it comes to the economy, inflation, personal finances, and politics, we are in virgin territory. Staying informed and flexible is key and hosts Ira S Wolfe, Mat Van ...

52 min
31 May 2024
Jobs, Healthcare, Education and Machines: Welcome to AI's World

While only 7 percent of the world’s population is using AI, technologist Doug Hohulin believes we’re living in the “Roaring 20s of Technology.” With over 500 percent growth of smartphone users in just 11 years and 1 Billion AI users predicted by the end of 2024, Doug...

46 min
25 May 2024
Unlock The Innovating Engine: How Anyone Can Innovate Like Steve Jobs

Ever feel like innovation is a superpower reserved for legends like Steve Jobs? Think again! Join the dynamic innovating duo, Ira S Wolfe and Ben M Bensaou, as they shatter this myth and reveal the secrets to building your innovating engine. This episode of the Geeks Geezers...

55 min
13 May 2024
The Future of Accounting: Technology and Remote Work Insights with Jody Padar

Did you think accounting was all about crunching numbers and taxes? Think again. "Beyond the Office"  host Bill Keller is joined by Jody Padar, the Radical CPA. Together they unravel the future of accounting in the tech era. This episode is a must-listen for forward-thinki...

48 min
8 May 2024
Cybersecurity, IT, and HR: Unlikely Allies Empowering Flexible Work

"Flexibility" has become the rallying cry of the Everywhere Work revolution, as highlighted in Ivanti's 2024 Everywhere Work report. On this Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization Show episode, host Ira S. Wolfe chats with guests Holly Novak and Mary Baird to unpack their experien...

58 min
2 May 2024
Mind Your Managers: Is Your Workplace Ready for a Mental Health Makeover?

With Everywhere Work transforming how work gets done, the separation of work and life has gotten spectacularly complex. And it’s impacting employees’ personal lives big time. From skyrocketing stress levels to sinking work-life balance, the ripple effects are real.  Thi...

48 min
29 April 2024
The Science of Resilience and Well-Being: A Deep Dive with Forbes Senior Writer Tanya Tarr

This month’s spotlight launches a 3-episode conversation between Joe Serio and Tanya Tarr, senior science writer at Forbes and an expert in behavioral science, political campaigns, military readiness, and now an executive health coach. They explore the multifaceted concept...

16 min
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