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Finck & Perras Insurance Local & Mighty Podcast

Hello I am Pat Brough from Finck & Perras Insurance Agency and this is our podcast "Local & Mighty". Our podcast is about Massachusetts Personal and Commercial insurance, in plain english mixed in with a little bit of fun. Everything you want to know or have been afraid to ask your insurance agent or things you should know when you are buying a house, car or starting a business.


Last Episode Date: 4 April 2024

Total Episodes: 10

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4 April 2024
Episode 16: Workers Compensations, from quoting to the audit how it all works.

This episode dives into the business policy everyone needs it they have employees, Workers Compensations. Beth Carballo the Senior Commercial Lines Manager and Office Manager talks about what you need to start a policy. Beth gives details about payroll and explains Class Cod...

26 min
28 February 2024
Episode 15: Does my auto insurance policy cover me when I drive for Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Amazon?

Second time guest Tanya Costigan (Claims Coordinator & Marketing) and Pat Brough talk about whether your Massachusetts Auto Insurance Policy will cover you, your spouse,  your kid, or any household member while using your personal auto to work for one of the dozens of A...

24 min
7 February 2024
Auto & Home Insurance in 2024. How to save, what carriers are doing and why it is important to pay your bill.

In this episode, Sam Mason (Personal Lines Account Manager)  and Pat Brough talk about the rising rates of your home and auto insurance policies. Sam give you facts about why the rates are up and things you can do to help you save some money on premiums.We talk about how yo...

31 min
2 March 2023
Episode 14: YES, your home and auto insurance rates are most likely going up! What can you do?

You read that title correct. In this episode, Gen Brough the owner of Finck and Perras Insurance Agency and Pat Brough talk about the rising rates of your home and auto insurance policies. Gen gives you facts, not myths, about why the rates are on the rise in 2023.We talk ab...

29 min
19 January 2022
Episode 13: We hired a nanny or home health aid to work for us. Do I need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Welcome to 2022!! We are happy to be back with new episodes of our fun podcast about things local with some insurance talk mixed in. In this episode you will hear from  Jennifer Ewers, Business Development Specialist, from our Florence office. Pat Brough, Sales and Marketin...

23 min
18 March 2021
Episode 12: Flood Insurance. What is it, who needs it and where do I get it?

With Spring in the air, it is almost flood season here in New England. In this episode you will meet Jennifer Ewers, Business Development Specialist, from our Florence office.  We dig into what Flood Insurance is and how the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) started i...

27 min
12 February 2021
Episode 11: So you want to Register a car in Massachusetts?

Registering a car in Massachusetts is not all that complicated and Ryan and Pat explain how it is done in this episode of Local & Mighty.In this episode you will meet Ryan Coopee from our Florence office.  We go through the forms you need like an RTA (Registration Title...

49 min
11 December 2020
Episode 10: Fire Safety in the home for the holidays and what Smoke / CO detector should I get.

With the holidays fast approaching it is the perfect to talk about fire safety in the house. This episodes features Easthampton Fire Chief Chris Norris. We will talk about the things you should be doing when it comes to protecting your home as you string up the lights for th...

37 min
6 November 2020
Episode 9: Why do I need a Home inspection and getting ready for winter.

Who is ready for winter? This episode features a chat about getting your home ready for winter and why you need a home inspection before you buy a house. Jamie Brough the owner of Pillar to Post Home Inspectors The Brough Team, based out of Wasilla, Alaska is our guest. We t...

53 min
15 October 2020
Episode 8: What has been happening during Covid & meet the owner Gen Brough

2020 has been a little crazy. Tell us something you don't know. This episode features our owner Gen Brough and what we have been doing since the start of the Covid 19 shut down. Hear about how we managed to continue to serve our customers while most of the staff worked ...

34 min
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