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Podcast Submission: 3 Easy Steps​

Ready to take your podcast to the next level? Submit your show to Biz Tech Podcasts directory and gain exposure to a highly engaged audience of entrepreneurs, professionals, and business enthusiasts.

Our simple podcast submission process will have your podcast listed and ready to reach new listeners in no time. 

Follow these three easy steps:


Craft Your Perfect Media Kit

Create a comprehensive media kit that outlines your podcast’s objectives and the kinds of relationships you wish to establish. From guest collaborations to sponsorships, be in control of your podcast’s destiny.

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Monetize and Grow

Sell sponsorships directly from your media kit or opt into the network and let us find the right sponsors and affiliate partners for you.


Supercharge Your Podcast's Growth

Collaborate with fellow podcasters to promote each other’s shows with podcast swaps and cross-promotions. Grow your listeners through shout-outs, social media shares, podcast recommendations and more

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Podcast Collaborations to:

Make Podcasting Profitable...

Once you’ve completed these three steps, our team will review your submission, and if approved, your podcast will be listed on our platform, ready to be discovered by our engaged audience of business and technology professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

By submitting your podcast, you’ll reach a highly targeted audience and gain access to collaboration opportunities with sponsors, guests, and fellow podcasters within our network.

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