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Fibrenew Exchange Podcast

Welcome to the Fibrenew Exchange Podcast where we connect with franchise owners and industry partners in discussing business ownership, the ups and downs along the way with running a franchise and a whole lot more. With 285+ franchise locations, we are the worldwide experts in the restoration of leather, plastic, and vinyl, thanks for listening in!

You can find us at: or on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and YouTube as Fibrenew International. We hope to chat with you soon!


Last Episode Date: 10 May 2024

Total Episodes: 37

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10 May 2024
What Franchisee, Mike Nonelle Knows About Fibrenew

This addition is a podcast takeover and an interview that originally aired on the Best of The Best in Franchising podcast series. Host James Butler talks with Fibrenew Franchisee Mike Nonelle about a whole bunch of things - including his transition into franchise ownership a...

40 min
16 April 2024
From Toronto to Florida: Jared and Leigh's E2 Visa Experience with Fibrenew

In this podcast conversation, Jared Drummond and Leigh Smith of Fibrenew Hernando County recount their experience with applying for and getting accepted into the E2 Visa program for entry into the US as a business owner. You'll hear Jared and Leigh describe the requirements ...

23 min
16 March 2024
Bill Bedsole Bet on Himself, and It's Paying Off!

In this episode, we are in conversation with Fibrenew Franchisee Bill Bedsole of Fibrenew Palatine in the suburbs of Chicago. Bill started his franchise in September 2018 and hasn't looked back since. In this chat, he talks about how he made the switch from corporate America...

43 min
21 February 2024
The Mother-Son Franchise Powerhouse from Mexico City

In this edition, we talked with the mother-son franchise powerhouse team of Carla Ceron and Diego Rosales Ceron of Fibrenew Mexico City. Carla has been operating Fibrenew in Mexico for over 20 years. Diego was just three years old when his mom started the business, and in th...

66 min
1 December 2023
From Middle Management to Fibrenew Franchise Ownership, Dave O'Brien

This edition is a podcast takeover and a rebroadcast of an interview that Fibrenew Franchisee Dave O'Brien has with Adam Robison of NW Arkansas Business Radio X Podcast. Adam had Dave explain what he was doing before opening his Fibrenew business, what he now enjoys best abo...

27 min
11 May 2023
From the Military to Fibrenew: Jorge's Figueroa's Journey

Jorge Figueroa of Fibrenew Osceola, FL transitioned to Fibrenew after a successful career in the military. After being away from his family for so many years, he was ready to be at home and wanted to be his own boss. He found that perfect fit with Fibrenew and ultimately ope...

36 min
28 January 2023
Owner-Operator Franchisee, Ann Benes (Episode 6 of 6 in the Fibrenew Business Models Miniseries)

Thank you for joining us for installment 6 of 6 in a miniseries focused on showcasing the various types of business models that exist within Fibrenew. Ann Benes of Fibrenew Lincoln, Nebraska, has been a proud owner/operator of her franchise for over 20 years! Ann and her hus...

28 min
2 December 2022
Rookie Business Owners Robert & Chelsey Pegram (Episode 5 of 6 in the Fibrenew Business Models Miniseries)

At the time of this recording, Robert and Chelsey Pegram had just marked their first anniversary of being Fibrenew franchise owners - and they couldn't be happier. In this conversation, you'll hear Robert and Chelsey's recap of what year one of business was like, what they l...

68 min
27 September 2022
Peak Performance Expert & Fibrenew Friend, Dr. Delatorro McNeal

On this special edition podcast, we had the honor of sitting down with internationally renowned Peak Performance Expert, best-selling author, and keynote speaker, Dr. Delatorro McNeal. Delatorro joined us at our HIVE LIVE Franchise Convention in Nashville where he took us on...

32 min
15 September 2022
Team Approach: Nashville Area Franchisees Do It Right (Episode 4 of 6 in the Fibrenew Business Models Miniseries)

Thank you for joining us for installment 4 of 6 in a miniseries focused on showcasing the various types of business models that exist within Fibrenew.Nashville area franchise owners, JT Thompson, Mat Meade, and Mark Chasteen are not only Fibrenew friends and neighbors, they ...

32 min
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