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Exit Rich

Have you ever wondered why some businesses thrive and others take a nosedive? Most business owners don’t ever think about their exit strategy until it is too late. And why do some businesses exit for maximum value; others sell for pennies on the dollar; and some don’t sell at all? Welcome to Exit Rich, hosted by seasoned M&A advisor, Michelle Seiler Tucker, dedicated to helping you on a path to your next adventure, or retiring rich and exiting for the price that you’ve dreamed of and deserve. Even if you are not ready to sell now or still building to sell, Michelle’s guidance, expertise, and mentorship will open your eyes to the road to finding your desired exit.In this show, you will get an understanding of how to plan your ST GPS Exit(TM) and the different types of exits, how to build your business to run on all six cylinders, the ST 6Ps(TM), and how to maximize the dollar value of your company. From interviews with famous entrepreneurs, like Alec Stern, founder of Constant Contact, and Jeff Hoffman, founder of PriceLine, you will learn from those who have successfully scaled, exited before you, and moved on to start their next adventure. You will also learn about financial analysis, implementing a custom targeted marketing campaign while maintaining 100% confidentiality, screening and qualifying prospective buyers, negotiating deal structure and terms, providing support with pre-closing activities, overseeing and managing the due diligence process, managing closing activities and documents, and much more!The process of selling a business is a tough journey. It can be the pinnacle of a life of hard work and struggle and can open the door to a new way of life for you and your family. The successful sale of a business, a sale where you walk away delighted, is the result of managing multiple complexities and working through a myriad of potential pitfalls. It takes experience and a proven track record to navigate the minefield of selling a business. Keep in mind that 8 out of 10 businesses don’t sell! You need the dedication and the experience of a mergers and acquisitions advisor/broker like Michelle Seiler Tucker who has sold hundreds of businesses.As Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker and the owner of numerous other successful companies, Michelle has consulted, and partnered with many business owners, investing her money, expertise, resources, time energy and effort in which to help her partners build their business to sell their business for their desired dream price. Michelle closes 98% of the offers she writes and obtains an average 20-40% above asking price; which is the result of her persistence and dedication to clients, and her expertise at growing and fixing businesses to achieve their full potential. Seiler Tucker Inc, is the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing companies.Her bestselling book, Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth, is a blueprint for anyone that wants to increase market share, become more profitable, and sell their business for top dollar. Her next book, Exit Rich, further expands on how to grow a business utilizing the 6 P’s and introduces her Build-To-Sell Blueprint. Steve Forbes states: “It is stunning that so many business owners end up leaving so much equity on the table when they want to cash out. That’s why this book will be a goldmine for these entrepreneurs.”The business landscape has changed so much in the last few years. Statistics show that a whopping 70% (out of a sampling of 26 million) of businesses go under even after operating for 10 years or longer. Business owners are forced to sell their business for many reasons, including unforeseen health or economic conditions. Regardless of the reason, knowing when to sell to get the highest price for your company is critical. You absolutely can exit rich, make sure your employees and your customers are taken care of, and continue your legacy. Join Michelle Seiler Tucker every week here to Exit Rich!


Last Episode Date: 2 April 2024

Total Episodes: 126

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2 April 2024
Boost Your Productivity: Practical Tips For Getting Things Done With David Allen

Join us for another episode of the Exit Rich podcast as our special guest, David Allen, drops golden nuggets on personal and organizational productivity. One of the world’s most influential thinkers on productivity, David’s 40 years of experience as a management con...

52 min
26 February 2024
Leadership, Shark Tank, And Vengo Labs: Inside The Mind Of A Successful Entrepreneur With Brian Shimmerlik

Join us for another episode of the Exit Rich podcast as our special guest, Brian Shimmerlik, drops golden nuggets on entrepreneurship and innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Brian Shimmerlik launched his first company at just 19 years old while at the University ...

47 min
20 December 2023
How To Build And Protect Intellectual Property With Michael Lechter On Exit Rich

There are hunters around hunting for your creations, and you shouldn't let them take your ownership from you. But how can you protect your creation from people with unsavory intentions? Today, Michael Lechter, the Author of Rich Dad's Advisors: OPM: How to Attract Other Peop...

52 min
22 November 2023
From Product To Prospects: The Keys To Small Business Growth With Melinda Emerson

Small business success isn't just about what you sell today; it's about understanding your clients' future needs and staying ahead of the curve. In this week's power-packed episode, we have special guest Melinda Emerson, the renowned “SmallBizLady” herself and CEO of Qui...

56 min
9 November 2023
The GPS Exit Model: How To Use It So You Can Exit Rich

What’s catastrophic to your business is when you built it unsellable. To guide you into the path of building a sellable business, Michelle Seiler Tucker brought her compass to help you Find Your Exit in your business. In this episode, Michelle provides insights on how busi...

31 min
8 November 2023
Glasses With A Purpose: How Jonas Paul Eyewear Is Changing Children's Lives With Ben And Laura Harrison

Turn life's challenges into golden opportunities and make a difference in the world, just like Ben and Laura did with Jonas Paul Eyewear. In this inspiring episode, we hear the remarkable journey of Ben and Laura Harrison, the co-founders of Jonas Paul Eyewear. Their son, Jo...

60 min
25 October 2023
Live Your Best Life: Gold Nuggets For Achieving Success In Real Estate With Janice Jimenez

LIVE TODAY on Wednesday, October 4th at 12:00 pm (CST)! Listen to another episode of the Exit Rich podcast as our special guest, Janice Jimenez gives golden nuggets for achieving success and living your best life. Janice is an International Bestselling Author for the collabo...

51 min
25 October 2023
Empowering Women To Follow Their Dreams: Successful Entrepreneurship And Leadership Practices With Dr. Shellie Hipsky

Walking the path of entrepreneurship means having many doors shut on our faces, especially as women. How do we rise through all these tough times and find success? Listen to another episode of the Exit Rich podcast as our special guest Dr. Shellie Hipsky gives golden nuggets...

55 min
18 October 2023
The New Law Nobody Is Talking About: What Companies Need to Know About The Corporate Transparency Act With Garrett Sutton And Ted Sutton

Congress recently passed the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) as part of the National Defense Authorization Act to enhance national security, intelligence, and law enforcement efforts against money laundering, terrorism financing, and illicit activities. It does so by establ...

58 min
20 September 2023
Is The Sexual Harassment Law Crushing Small Businesses? With Deborah McPhee

According to Deborah McPhee, a licensed Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Education Sponsor, 81% of women suffer sexual harassment, while men are under 50%. In many cases, most of the sexual harassment case goes unreported. Cases like this happen in any environm...

51 min
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