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Elaine’s Kitchen Table | Create Better Family, Health, Business, Self

Are you a busy mom or entrepreneur? Take a deep breath and create a better life for you and your family! Elaine Tan Comeau, founder of Easy Daysies ( a favorite winning pitch on Dragons' Den, Canada's Shark Tank), mom of 3, wife, foodie, stroke survivor, former school teacher, author & speaker, and Mompreneur of the Year in Canada, talks to you about Creating Better family, health, mental health, business and self, all straight from the kitchen table - where it started for her and where it can start for you! This season’s guests include Greg McKeown (author of runaway bestseller Essentialism), Erica Ehm (pioneering MuchMusic VJ), Tonia Jahshan (W100 #1 Canadian female entrepreneur), Ann Douglas (CBC Radio parenting expert/columnist), Dr Vanessa Lapointe (registered psychologist and parenting expert), Tara Teng (Miss World 2012), Brian Dixon (author of Start With Your People) and more! I am so happy to have you join me!


Last Episode Date: 11 June 2024

Total Episodes: 248

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11 June 2024
179 - Financial Literacy for Families and Children, with Cinders McLeod

Join Cinders as she takes us through her financial literacy book series for children! We also talk about the business of publishing, mental health, and more. Grab a coffee and join us! Show Notes: https://elaineskitchentable/179 Connect with Cinders: Website: https://moneybu...

32 min
1 June 2024
On Perseverance, Purpose and Patents - with Mary Purcaro - Replay

Mary Purcaro is the Founder and CEO of Cuddlecloth® and Cuddlepet®, bath towels designed for safety. Mary shares how perseverance and the love of learning keep you going when things are good or bad in business. Are you thinking about patenting, listen as Mary share how and...

27 min
21 May 2024
Show Up and Be Committed with Mike Gaba

Shoveling dirt at the age of nine was his first job helping others and where Mike learned to "show up and be committed".  Learn to avoid these top 3 mistakes small businesses make when it comes to protecting themselves. Connect with Elaine: Website: https://elaineskitchen...

30 min
16 May 2024
178 - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - The Girl's Guide to Entrepreneurship, with Alison Hall

Alison reinvented herself to become her own happy boss after 25 years of corporate life, building several lucrative businesses. "It's never too late to reach for a dream and grab it" Show Notes: Connect with Alison: Website:

33 min
3 May 2024
Anyone Can Be An Entrepreneur - Learn What It Takes To Be A Mompreneur from Maria Locker, CEO of Mompreneurs - replay

Maria Locker, CEO of Mompreneurs Showcase Group, shares what it takes to perform the balancing act to become a Mompreneur of distinction. Connect with Elaine: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: https://www....

18 min
23 April 2024
Kevin O'Leary Part 1 - on Female CEO's, His Daily Habits For Success, and More! Replay

In part 1 of my interview with Kevin O'Leary - of Shark Tank, Dragons' Den, CNBC, etc. - brilliant business mind and investor in Easy Daysies, he talks about how female CEO's are bringing home the bacon (and why), what makes him put his "soldiers" (dollars) to war, the simil...

14 min
19 April 2024
How To Teach Kids To Do Chores Around The House At Any Age - replay

Elaine shares 10 tips in 10 minutes which will help you implement chores with your kid(s) that will not only make your life easier, but set them up for lifelong success! Be sure to get your free age-appropriate chore charts below as well 🙂 Press and hold for show notes and ...

12 min
2 April 2024
177 - Sell Your Passion - Principle 4 - Be A Storyteller

I wrote a book called "Sell Your Passion", and decided to read it to you on the podcast! Today is Principle 4 - "Be A Storyteller". Sell Your Passion is available as an e-Book for just $5 here! Show Notes: Connect with Elaine: Website:...

17 min
26 March 2024
176 - Sell Your Passion - Principle 3 - Be a Doer

I wrote a book called "Sell Your Passion", and decided to read it to you on the podcast! Today is Principle 3 - "Be A Doer". Sell Your Passion is available as an e-Book for just $5 here! Show Notes: Connect with Elaine: Website: https:...

18 min
11 March 2024
175 - Million Dollar Shark Tank Deal from Baby Boogers! with Nina Farzin of Oogiebear

Nina Farzin saw a problem, solved it, and sold millions of dollars of her product. What was the problem? Baby boogers! Listen in as Nina shares her humility and wisdom about the journey of creating Oogiebear, from proof of concept to Shark Tank deal. Show Notes: https:www.el...

48 min
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