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Ecosystem Aces

Ecosystem Aces is dedicated to helping partnership leaders unleash the full potential of their partner network. Whether you’re just getting started with ecosystem partners, or you’re looking for advanced strategies and tactics, this podcast is for you.Each episode features topics like: ecosystem partnering, co-selling strategies, co-selling with hyperscalers, building joint solutions with partners, attracting new partners and growing partner programs, go-to-market strategies, optimizing cross-company business processes, improving communication and collaboration with partners, successful career strategies, and more.

Last Episode Date: 16 April 2024

Total Episodes: 197

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16 April 2024
Neil Blecherman: Driving ROI Through Tech Partnerships

In this episode of Ecosystem Aces titled "Neil Blecherman: Driving ROI Through Tech Partnerships," we dive deep with Neil Blecherman,Tech Partner Program Director, Nutanix into the intricacies of forming and nurturing technology partnerships. With a rich background that span...

29 min
9 April 2024
Udita Bhattacharya: The Art of Enablement: AWS’s Approach to Partner Growth

In this episode of Ecosystem Aces titled "The Art of Enablement: AWS’s Approach to Partner Growth," we're joined by Udita Bhattacharya, AWS Global Partner Enablement Lead, who leads AWS's global partner enablement teams. Udita shares insights into AWS's dynamic enablement ...

27 min
2 April 2024
Alina Everett: Innovation Through Collaboration: Qualtrics, GSIs, and the Power of AI

In "Innovation Through Collaboration: Qualtrics, GSIs, and the Power of AI," we delve into Qualtrics's pivotal role in transforming the tech and GSI landscape. Our guest, Alina Everett, Vice President of GSI Alliances - EY + Deloitte at Qualtrics, shares her journey at Qualt...

28 min
20 February 2024
Patrick Piwowarczyk: How HP/Poly Work with Partner to Define the Future of the Work

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world underwent a drastic transformation. One of the areas that had to adapt the most was the physical working environment, which, for most organizations, had to shift entirely to remote work. This transition presented numerous challenges in...

22 min
6 February 2024
Simon Ninan: Bringing Ecosystem Thinking to an $80B Industrial Juggernaut

In our tech-driven era, relying on the outdated paradigm of "we can do it ourselves" is no longer sustainable for any company. To truly flourish in today's dynamic landscape, businesses need to embrace ecosystem thinking, mirroring the collaboration found in the natural worl...

33 min
23 January 2024
Katie Landaal: Building and Leading Successful Partner Ecosystems

Establishing and maintaining enduring partnerships is a task that undeniably transcends the capabilities of one individual. Yet, within their responsibility lies the capacity to be an effective leader—guiding the team in unison and ensuring a shared direction. This involve...

26 min
9 January 2024
Jeff Mattan: The Critical Role of Partner Ops Driving Partnership Transformation

Establishing partnerships is pivotal for business growth. However, the significance of not only cultivating these alliances but also ensuring their appeal to both prospective and existing partners is equally crucial as building the partnerships.In today’s episode, we are j...

28 min
12 December 2023
Vanessa Sorenson: From Startups to Solutions: Insights from Microsoft's ANZ Chief Partner Officer

Innovative minds, where new ideas and technologies constantly spark from, are scattered around every corner of the world. However, accessing capital and resources to bring these innovations to life is a bottleneck for a lot of individuals and startups. A potential answer to ...

28 min
28 November 2023
Dan Hod: Building Bridges: How Amdocs Collaborates with Hyperscalers to Deliver Customer Value

In the ecosystem world, being forward thinking is crucial — if you are building partnerships when you need them, and not when you anticipate the needs of your customers and the trends of the market, you won’t be on the cutting edge. In this episode, we are joined by Dan ...

27 min
14 November 2023
Amit Sinha Roy: How Tata Communications Co-Innovates with Partners for Customer Value

Competition is an inherent trait of all industries' marketplaces. However, when strong partnerships are built, collaboration allows business leaders to address customers' specific needs more efficiently, whether it is by multi-dimensional engagements or single product-based ...

30 min
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