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Do More Good podcast

The Do More Good podcast is a light-hearted discussion on professional development and fundraising in the charity sector. Kenneth and James cover a range of topics and bring in guests from the industry to share their experience and insight. An informal conversation recorded in pubs in central London. Pull up a chair, grab a drink and join us. Thank you for listening.


Last Episode Date: 19 March 2024

Total Episodes: 129

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19 March 2024
Episode 115: Delving into the world of CSR/ESG with Kerry McNally

"You don't operate as a company in a bubble."A high-brow start to the show this week with a mention on PMQs before we dive into CSR, ESG and DB. Then it's Downing Street to Guatemala, making good decisions and learning on the job. We're joined by Kerry McNally, Group Head o...

35 min
15 March 2024
Episode 114: Crime, gangs and violence to leading Criminal Justice work at Causeway. The importance of lived experience with Stu Otten.

"If you've done the crime then you do the time."Jimbo delivers a thank you to our Patreon supporter, Jeremy through his new monochrome webcam and Kenneth dreams of a trip to Turkey. Then it's over to our guest Stu to talk about his work fighting modern slavery and the roller...

65 min
5 March 2024
Episode 113: Fundraising Megatrends with Chris Innes

"Organising a Careers Fair to find a job for myself."Tired from the hotel gym, Kenneth lets our guest do the heavy lifting as we discuss the megatrends which have impacted the fundraising environment. Confirmed BDIF, Chris Innes, joins us to talk through the findings from th...

43 min
16 January 2024
Episode 112: A better approach to resilience with Helena Sharpstone

"Targets, nasty people and shoulder pads"Kenneth has spent all his pocket money in the IFC tuck shop before we meet Helena Sharpstone (the only one on the internet) for a delightful conversation through her career, including her start in sales, an extended honeymoon period i...

37 min
9 January 2024
Episode 111: Revolutionary times with Erica Chenoweth

"We're in revolutionary times"Kenneth and James flashed their access all areas passes to sneak backstage at IFC. They managed to grab a seat in the Press Room for a conversation between two big-hitters, Bill Toliver and Erica Chenoweth before the latter takes to the big stag...

37 min
23 November 2023
Episode 110: Our reaction to the Uncharitable movie at IFC2023

"People like their charity workers poor." We head to the bar at the International Fundraising Congress, and the corner marked 'Dull' for a conversation with Peter and Tash from DTV delving deep into the latest film release - Uncharitable. It's a feature-length movie building...

28 min
17 November 2023
Episode 109: Live from IFC 2023

We kick this episode off with the revelation that people actually listen before we dive into the International Fundraising Congress 2023. We’re breaking down power and mobilising communities; we’re segmenting audience data and throwing paper at delegates; we’re trimmin...

95 min
17 October 2023
Recap! Episode 43: Live from IFC 2019

We're heading back to the International Fundraising Congress in Noordwijk, so it felt like a good time to get all nostalgic over our previous episode from the Netherlands back in 2019. We're just as excited this year and looking forward to bringing you some epiosdes from the...

63 min
29 September 2023
Episode 108: What to expect at IFC 2023 with Willeke Van Rijn

"It's a community coming together"James and Kenneth struggle to contain their excitement around the upcoming International Fundraising Congress, mainly due to the prospect of dressing up as their hometown myths and legends. Fortunately they are joined by CEO of The Resource ...

56 min
1 September 2023
Episode 107: Previewing the Scottish Conference with Gerald Richards

"We don't give enough kudos to fundraisers"To reduce our FOMO from missing the Scottish Fundraising Conference this year we talked to the host of the Awards Ceremony for his thoughts on the sessions, his love of conferences and how he manages not to cry when presenting the o...

53 min
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