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Digital Disruption with SDXWORLD

"Digital Disruption with SDXWORLD" is your go-to podcast for cutting-edge insights into the world of digital innovation. Go beyond the trends, and embrace disruption! Nitish Sharma, visionary leader of SDXWORLD, ignites your digital journey. Gain practical advice, explore industry secrets, and join the movement shaping the future. Subscribe now!


Last Episode Date: 20 February 2024

Total Episodes: 1

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20 February 2024
Digital Disruption with SDXWORLD | Connecting the Dots - By Nitish Sharma

Dive into the heart of digital innovation with me - Nitish Sharma, CEO and visionary founder of SDXWORLD, in the premiere episode of "Digital Disruption with SDXWORLD" This insightful podcast series peels back the layers of the industry's hottest trends and te...

6 min
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