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Welcome! Dr. Kelly M.G. Whelan and her guests seek to advance leader and team excellence by discussing relevant topics that impact today‘s organizations. Join us on social media @belemleaders or visit and 


Last Episode Date: 2 May 2024

Total Episodes: 73

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2 May 2024
E73. Be the Best Part of their Day: Unleashing the Power of Leadership Connection, Engagement, and Unity with Dr. David Schreiner

Have you ever witnessed the transformative power of a leader who truly connects with their people? Dr. David Schreiner,  joins us to unravel the art of leadership communication and presence. His journey reveals the critical shift from underperformance to excellence through ...

20 min
18 April 2024
E72. Recognizing and Navigating the Dangers of Toxic Leadership and Followership with Dr. Riccardo Bodden

Have you ever worked under a leader whose very presence seemed to darken the room? Dr. Rickardo Bodden joins us to shed light on the shadowy subject of toxic leadership and the havoc it wreaks on organizational morale. Our in-depth conversation with this accomplished leaders...

44 min
7 February 2024
E71. Mastering the Ethical and Existential Depths of Coaching with Yannick Jacob

Unlock the mysteries of ethical decision-making in coaching with the guidance of Yannick Jacob, coach and author, who brings his expertise to our table for a deep exploration of moral complexity. Let Yannick lead you through the philosophical terrain where rules are not just...

47 min
1 February 2024
E70. Amplifying Leadership Through Spiritual Intelligence with Dr. Yosi Amram

Unlock the transformative power of Spiritual Intelligence with the guidance of Yosi Amram, a seasoned clinical psychologist and executive coach. In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Amram walks through the intricate tapestry of Spiritual Intelligence—unveiling how qualit...

44 min
17 January 2024
E69. Leadership Diligence: Refining Influence and Cultivate Org Success with Dr. Janice George

Join me for a conversation with Dr. Janice George, as we explore the unchartered territories of 'leadership diligence.' Imagine a world where leaders are as disciplined as elite athletes, engaging in 'leadership workouts' to hone their skills and nurture ...

36 min
17 January 2024
E68. Embracing Authenticity and Connection: Inspiring Leaders and Teams with Tony Martignetti

As I sat across from Tony Martignetti, it became clear that his story is not just about leadership—it's about the courage to reconnect with our true selves. Today, we invite you into an intimate conversation with Tony, a leadership coach with an unconventional path th...

33 min
3 January 2024
E67. Monetizing Passion Through the Art of Conversation with Joseph Umidi

Ever found yourself at an impasse, only to be reinvigorated by a single, impactful conversation? Dr. Joseph Umidi, the Executive Vice President of Regent University, joins us to share his pivotal moment and how it ignited his passion for harnessing the power of conversation ...

40 min
1 November 2023
E66. Artificial Intelligence: A Game Changer in Coaching with Cory Cummings

As many practitioners are embracing  AI with open arms, we must also remember the importance of privacy and ethics. In our conversation with Mr. Cory Cummings, CEO of Cummings Solutions, we learn about to the need for a personal code of ethics for coaches, potential privacy...

36 min
31 October 2023
E65. Healthcare Ethics and the Future Role of AI with Joe Ivie

Expand your understanding of healthcare ethics and AI's future role with our guest, Joe Ivie, Regional Mission Director for Bay Care Health System in Florida, USA.  A life journey that began with a medic's role in the Army, spiraled onto the path of a hospital Cha...

40 min
29 August 2023
E.64 Unlocking the Power of Diversity: Coaching Multicultural Teams with Karen Tan

Welcome to a powerful conversation with diversity specialist and team coach, Karen Tan, PCC. Karen discusses her unique expertise in fostering collaboration between Eastern and Western cultures, throwing light on how diversity, can be channeled into a powerful tool for succe...

21 min
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