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Coaches On The Couch

Coaches On The Couch is the podcast from the coaches behind Step Up ( the leadership development programme for architects and built environment consultancies. Co-hosts Rachel Birchmore and Louise Rodgers bring their experience and knowledge of the sector and coaching insights to explore the world of work and progressive leadership through conversations with special guests. Our publication 'Learning from Lockdown' marking 12 months of the podcast is available at Produced by Aral Sea Sounds


Last Episode Date: 23 May 2024

Total Episodes: 71

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23 May 2024
Jo Wright, Perkins&Will ““I have always enjoyed developing people and for me that is the draw of a leadership role.”

In this episode, Louise and Rachel chat with Jo Wright, Managing Director of global practice Perkins&Will (and Step Up client), about her role and the changes she is making in the London studio. Coaches On The Couch is co-hosted by Louise Rodgers and Rachel Birchmore w...

34 min
2 May 2024
Lisa Drake, Elliott Wood “We wanted to reclaim the impact that an engineer can have on the built environment, and on society.”

Welcome to series 8! In this first episode of the new series, Rachel and Louise talk to Elliott Wood director, Lisa Drake. Lisa talks about the importance and power of defining a strong organisational purpose, and recalls what her teenage job with the Body Shop taught her ab...

25 min
28 March 2024
Tom Larsson, Founder of Grow Places "As the business grows, imparting our values and principles onto the team and selecting the right people is an interesting transition."

Louise and Rachel are joined by Tom Larsson, of developer Grow Places. Tom established Grow Places in 2023 and in this conversation he reflects on the drivers behind this, and what he wants to do differently. Coaches On The Couch is co-hosted by Loui...

28 min
15 March 2024
Louise Wyman, Executive Director Strategic Development at CBRE “The thought of networking used to fill me with dread but I've stepped out of my comfort zone throughout my career and learned from it.”

Louise Wyman of CBRE joins Rachel and Louise to talk about how she developed her ‘career of many hats’ across the public and private sectors, and the importance of leading with authenticity. Coaches On The Couch is co-hosted by Louise Rodgers and Rachel ...

38 min
22 February 2024
Clarissa Bromelle, Head of Social Imagination at Human Nature “There are many elements of regenerative leadership that are embedded into what we’re doing at Human Nature.”

Louise and Rachel explore regenerative leadership and how this impacts on Human Nature and the places it is seeking to create. Coaches On The Couch is co-hosted by Louise Rodgers and Rachel Birchmore who are exec and leadership coaches. They d...

37 min
8 February 2024
Dinah Bornat, director of ZCD Architects “They (Gen Z) want what the rest of us want. They want to be taken seriously and their ideas to be heard.”

Dinah Bornat of ZCD Architects joins Rachel and Louise to talk about what she has learned about building trust and connection with young people from running wild camping adventures in the countryside with young people. Coaches On The Couch is co-h...

36 min
25 January 2024
Keir Regan-Alexander, principal of Arka Works “Generative Design and AI tools will fundamentally change how we practice, and how we design things.”

Rachel and Louise delve into the world of Generative Design and AI with Keir Regan-Alexander of Arka Works. Coaches On The Couch is co-hosted by Louise Rodgers and Rachel Birchmore who are exec and leadership coaches. They design and deliver bespoke lead...

27 min
11 January 2024
Leanne Tritton, founder of ING Media “I have the style and energy that gets the plane off the ground. Damian has the style and energy for long-haul flights.”

A totally joyous conversation about a successful transition. Louise and Rachel kick off the New Year with a conversation with, and between, Leanne Tritton, founder of ING Media, and her successor as MD, Damian Wild. Coaches On The Couch is co-hosted b...

34 min
21 December 2023
Jennifer De Vere-Hopkins, Jestico + Whiles “It is important for people to see that architecture, and the people who make up the profession, is very broad.”

Jennifer De Vere-Hopkins and Ben Marston of Jestico + Whiles, discuss some of the initiatives the practice is taking to support the next generation of architects and designers. Coaches On The Couch is co-hosted by Louise Rodgers and Rachel Birchmore...

35 min
23 November 2023
Holly Lewis, We Made That “I have personally come to embrace that word ‘leadership’ more.”

Holly Lewis, co-founder of We Made That, joins Louise and Rachel to talk about the studio’s experience of becoming a Certified B Corporation and the impact of that on projects, practice, people and leadership. Coaches On The Couch is co-hosted by ...

35 min
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