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Close To Home

The Close To Home podcast talks about home buying topics and programs. It answers the questions you have on your journey to homeownership. Music:


Last Episode Date: 23 January 2024

Total Episodes: 11

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23 January 2024
What Drives the Real Estate Market and Prices

COVID took us away for a little bit but we're back! In this episode we welcome April O'Connell as my new co-host. April is PHFA's Business Development Manager and has 30 years of banking and lending experience. We'll discuss what drives the real estate market and prices. So,...

7 min
12 June 2020
Where Do I Start?

Are you wondering how to get started with your homebuying journey? Take a listen and find out more about the homebuying process, including what to do first, the different steps of the process, and what to do after you have the keys and become a proud homeowner. Coleen will w...

7 min
27 February 2020
Types of Mortgages - Part 2

Jason Breidinger, a lending officer with Mortgage America, joins us again to continue explaining types of mortgages and other information to consider when looking at different loan options. Jason can help you answer the questions you may have when mortgage shopping.

10 min
27 February 2020
Types of Mortgages - Part 1

Jason Breidinger, a lending officer with Mortgage America, joins us in this episode to explain and tell us about different types of mortgages. Jason shares his experience and knowledge to help you figure out what the best mortgage loan may be right for you.

11 min
4 November 2019
Home Inspections

Ever wonder if you really need a home inspection during the homebuying process or why? In this episode, Coleen will tell you why it's important and what's usually covered. So listen and let us help you get Close To Home.

5 min
6 September 2019
Home Repair - PHFA Loan Programs Can Help

If you need some repairs done around the house, take a listen as Coleen talks about some PHFA loan programs that could help you get them done. There are programs that can be used when purchasing a home and also programs that can help if you already own a home. 

8 min
6 September 2019
Hiring A Contractor

In this episode, Coleen gives some great tips about hiring a contractor and what should be included in a home improvement contract. So if you're thinking about doing some projects around the house and you need to hire a contractor to get them done, be sure to listen!

8 min
10 June 2019
More Homebuyer Counseling

In this episode, we'll be getting into a little more detail about homebuyer counseling, including credit scores and counseling requirements to be approved for a mortgage. 

7 min
4 December 2018
What are closing costs?

Closing costs are a big part of purchasing a home. In this episode we'll discuss exactly what closing costs are, common fees associated with closing, what to expect at the closing table and much more.

7 min
15 October 2018
Home buyer counseling options

In this episode we discuss free home buyer counseling options for help with increasing credit scores, budgeting, general home buying topics, and preparation for homeownership.

7 min
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