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Brave Bold Brilliant Podcast

Jeannette Linfoot talks to incredible people about their experiences of being Brave, Bold & Brilliant, which have allowed them to unleash their full potential in business, their careers and life in general.

From the boardroom tables of ‘big’ international business to the dining room tables of entrepreneurial start ups, how to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities and take risks, whilst staying ‘true’ to yourself is where the magic happens.


Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 403

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16 May 2024
How To Bring Brave Bold Brilliant Into Your Business

Jeannette looks into the concept of bringing Brave Bold Brilliant principles into business leadership. Drawing from over 30 years of experience as a corporate CEO and advisor, she emphasises the importance of embodying bravery, boldness, and brilliance in leadership roles. ...

24 min
12 May 2024
Dan Richards, Physio to Premiership Footballers - The Essence of Physical Fitness

Dan shares insights into his journey in physiotherapy, from his education to working with top-level athletes in football. He discusses the importance of perseverance, individualised treatment plans, and the impact of psychology on physical well-being. Dan also delves into th...

44 min
9 May 2024
How To Go From Good To Great

Jeannette looks into the concept of moving from a good position to a great one, emphasising that good can often be the enemy of great. Drawing from the book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins, Jeannette shares eight key concepts that have been instrumental in her 30 years of bus...

19 min
5 May 2024
Success Secrets From Top Leaders: A Journey Through 400 Episodes

In this very special episode, Jeannette is celebrating the milestone of having reached her 400th episode. Today, Jeannette is going to be looking back on some of the guests she has interviewed since the start of her journey, as they highlight what it truly means to be Brave,...

77 min
2 May 2024
Be The CEO Of Your Own Life

Jeannette talks about the importance of taking control of one's life by becoming the CEO of their own life. She discusses the need to have a compelling vision, break down goals into various aspects of life, prioritise well-being, and cultivate self-belief. The episode also t...

15 min
28 April 2024
Sue Kent, BBC Gardeners World Presenter - Never Let a Disability Hold You Back!

Jeannette is joined by Sue Kent, a TV presenter for BBC Gardeners World and an ambassador for the Royal Horticultural Society. Sue shares her journey of becoming a presenter during COVID and discusses her experiences with gardening, public speaking, and overcoming challenge...

53 min
25 April 2024
Leadership on The Line - Get on The Balcony!

Jeannette discusses the concept of "balcony time" for leaders, emphasising the importance of stepping back from day-to-day operations to gain a strategic perspective. Drawing an analogy between being on the dance floor and standing on the balcony, she discusses the need for ...

21 min
21 April 2024
Juliet Barratt, Co-founder Grenade - From Zero to Selling for £200M

Jeannette talks to the fabulous Juliet Barratt, the co-founder of the renowned brand Grenade, market leader in the nutrition and fitness industry. Juliet shares her journey from a traditional background in education to becoming a successful entrepreneur who scaled and event...

51 min
18 April 2024
Landing Money Today Whilst Creating Money Tomorrow

Jeannette looks into the crucial balance between driving revenue into a business today while also strategically creating future income streams. Drawing on her extensive 30-year experience as a corporate CEO and entrepreneur, she emphasises the dual focus required in managing...

15 min
14 April 2024
Anastasia Hofmann, Co-founder Kitro – On a Mission to Reduce Food Waste Across the Planet

Jeannette is joined by Anastasia Hofmann, the co-founder of Kitro, a business focused on reducing food wastage in the hospitality industry. Working with global clients like TUI, Kitro is really making a huge difference. Together, they delve into the staggering statistic that...

43 min
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