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Black Millennial Marriage

We are Mikey and Randie Chapman, and your hosts of the Black Millennial Marriage Podcast. This podcast was created as a way to stay connected to one another. It was also formed so that we could have representation, meet other couples, and provide a space to talk about our 10+ years of relationship experience, including our years of marriage, and all we’re learning, unlearning, and loving about marriage.


Last Episode Date: 14 May 2024

Total Episodes: 190

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14 May 2024
BMM EP 171: This Again?

Hey y’all!Tune in as Mikey and Randie talk about money . . . again.And the backstory involves Youtube Premium and wondering who gon’ pay the bill LOL.Together, the Chapmans reveal what’s been going on with work and money, and all the POSITIVE things they’re doing in...

69 min
7 May 2024
BMM Indie 170: The Tale of 3 Mikes

Listen to us on: Youtube | iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google PodcastsHey, (in our best Mikey voice), he’s back.In his first Indie episode of the season, Mikey reflects on three versions of himself. Inspired by the beef between Kendrick, Drake, and Cole (until ...

22 min
3 May 2024
[FLASHBACK] BMM 082: Game of Moans

Hey y'all! Mikey and Randie are doing something new and will be dropping flashback/memory lane episodes on Fridays.Tune in to hear Game of Moans. This was another fan favorite back in the day. Happy Listening!... The Chapmans are BACK for Season 2! The theme? Plot twist...

57 min
29 April 2024
BMM Indie 168: Am I Cracking or Snapping?

Randie thinks she’s cracking..or snapping. Tune in as the shorter half of the BMM podcast shares some heartfelt thoughts about money, wounds, patterns, cycles, and being herself. Happy Listening.Items Mentioned:**As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases at ...

16 min
27 April 2024
[FLASHBACK] BMM EP 088: 4Ever Ever, It Ain't All Bad

Hey y'all! Mikey and Randie are doing something new and will be dropping flashback/memory lane episodes on Fridays.First up, an episode from 2020 when they were celebrating 4 years of marriage. This was a fan favorite back then and they hope you still enjoy it! Especial...

74 min
24 April 2024
BMM EP 166: Holistic Marriage Ft. Dr. Tiffany Smith + Mr. Horace Smith

Hey y’all! Mikey and Randie are back for Season 7. The Chapmans done batch recorded and everything lmao. In this episode the couple interview Dr. Tiffany Smith and her husband Mr. Horace a.k.a. Mr. Smith.Tune in to hear your hosts chat with the couple about their love sto...

72 min
29 January 2024
BMM EP 165: We Made Lemonade

Hey y’alllllllll!The Chapmans are out of the Bat Cave and want to tell you all about it.In this episode they discuss Randie’s revelation, Mikey’s heart felt intentions, and the thing that finally made them realize they need to QUIT the house buying process (for now).La...

72 min
17 December 2023
BMM EP 164: Plastic Off the Sofa [UNEDITED]

Hey y'all!Mikey and Randie are sick right now, but would never leave you hanging.So tune in for a raw and unedited version of "Plastic Off the Sofa". These kinds of episodes don't have any music or any edits, and they are a favorite of those on Patreon be...

61 min
11 December 2023
BMM Indie 163: Sister, Returned Ft. Bri

Like Saturn, the sisters have returned to one another. Tune in for this extra special Indie where Randie interviews her baby sister, Bri.In this episode they discuss their childhoods, and Bri reveals what little Bri wants from Little Ran. Later, Bri talks about what going n...

49 min
3 December 2023
BMM EP 162: What You Been Up To?

Hey y’all! With just a few more episodes left for this season, Mikey and Randie are back with an update. In this episode, they detail what’s been going on with them. They shed light on weight loss and gain, new projects, layoffs, and more. But what they also really wan...

56 min
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