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Amit Kakkar Easy Visa Tips

Amit Kakkar has recently discussed the Easy Visa tips you can follow in 2022. He is the most experienced, professional, and honest consultant that can help you to apply for Canada / New Zealand / USA / Australia & UK to establish your education abroad. Follow his tips to enhance your visa application experience and make it more convenient and hassle-free. Amit Kakkar's easy visa tips will put your application at the front of the queue at every stage of the decision-making process in an Embassy.

Last Episode Date: 14 May 2024

Total Episodes: 50

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14 May 2024
Australia's Revised Temporary Graduate Visa Regulations

Stay ahead with Amit Kakkar Easy Visa coverage of the new Temporary Graduate Visa regulations in Australia. Learn how these updates will impact international graduates seeking employment.

4 min
6 May 2024
A Simple Guide to the E-2 Investor Visa By Amit Kakkar Easy Visa

Discover the ins and outs of the E-2 Investor Visa journey with Amit Kakkar Easy Visa expert guidance. From eligibility to application and beyond, navigate the process smoothly for your U.S. business venture.

2 min
5 April 2024
A Guide to Process Open Work Permits for Family Members in Canada

Discover the essential steps to secure open work permits for family members in Canada with Amit Kakkar Easy Visa expert guidance. This comprehensive guide ensures a smooth process, facilitating family unity and employment opportunities in the Canadian landscape.

4 min
7 March 2024
Green Card: Eligibility, Application, Updates & More

Unlock the Green Card process with expert insights from Amit Kakkar Easy Visa. Discover eligibility criteria, application steps, recent updates, and more in this essential guide to achieving permanent residency in the U.S.

3 min
13 February 2024
Canada's New 2024 Student Visa Rules: What International Students Need to Know

Learn how Canada's new 2024 student visa rules impact international students: fewer study permits, changes to work permits, and increased financial requirements.

2 min
8 January 2024
Making Visa Process Easier: 6 Simple Tips for 2024

Simplify your visa journey with Amit Kakkar Easy Visa, 'Making Visa Process Easier: 6 Simple Tips for 2024.' Offering invaluable insights, Kakkar's tips pave the way for a smoother application process, ensuring success and ease in obtaining your visa for 2024 ...

3 min
7 December 2023
Traveling to the US? Learn about the right visa for you

Embarking on a journey to the U.S.? Simplify your travel plans by discovering the perfect visa for your needs. Navigate the visa landscape effortlessly and ensure a seamless experience with Amit Kakkar Easy Visa comprehensive guide.

2 min
15 November 2023
A guide to Applying for Canada’s 2024–2026 immigration levels plan

Discover how to apply for Canada's 2024–2026 Immigration Levels Plan. Explore Amit Kakkar Easy Visa step-by-step guidance, and key details for a successful immigration process. Plan your journey to becoming a permanent resident today!

2 min
5 October 2023
Avoiding common mistakes while applying for a student visa Helpful Tips

Learn essential tips to steer clear of student visa application blunders. Expert advice by Amit Kakkar Easy Visa on a smooth application process.

4 min
6 September 2023
Tips that may help you get an American Visa

Amit Kakkar Easy Visa Shared Valuable Tips for Your American Visa. Learn how to improve your chances of getting approved.

4 min
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