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10PlusBrand 1-888-288-4533 Sign up for 10 Plus Brand’s Newsletter: 10 Plus Brand’s Youtube: 10 Plus Brand Inc.’s founder, CEO Joanne Z. Tan started the first episode of #10PlusPodcast on July 5, 2019. Since then, we have produced hundreds of episodes on brand building and digital marketing tips, which are always thought provoking and cutting edge, as well as in-depth Interviews of Notables and Influencers, and 30 Seconds of Anything on various current affairs. Over various podcast platforms and social media, there are hundreds of thousands of downloads. Our 10 Plus Brand Newsletter, distributed by Substack, has tens of thousands of subscribers, and counting. The high quality content covers various subjects of current events, technology, AI, brand building and marketing, life experiences, Joanne Tan’s poems and memoir, culture and the arts. 10 Plus Brand is a full service digital agency, we build brands and market brands for B2B companies, startups, consulting and executive coaching firms, as well as individual personal branding for leaders. We won multiple prestigious awards year after year, as ”the best of the best” in brand consulting, brand coaching, branding, and digital marketing. Specifically, we create high quality, customized content, based on brand strategies, positioning, structures, and storytelling, for websites and social media. We have a proprietary process for decoding brand DNA, building SEO architecture, and amplifying brand messages with ghost writing authoritative and original blog posts, to elevate successful businesses to be powerful brands. We also deliver quality brand promotional videos, custom-coded websites, email newsletters, LinkedIn and social media thought leadership profiles, and LinkedIn badges related content creation. Results: Some of the B2B companies that we served have scored 25% increase in clientele three years in a row and counting; most of our clients have obtained more right-fitting customers, increased business volume and revenues as well as their brands’ stature and influence in their fields. Joanne Tan, a global brand strategist, brand marketing consultant, branding expert, creative director at 10 Plus Brand, Inc., regularly shares tips and cutting edge information about brand building, DNA decoding, brand building, brand marketing, brand development & management, brand messaging, business and marketing strategies, go to market and product market fit analyses & tactics, market analyses, analytics, AI Experience Design, SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing. 10 Plus Brand Inc. is a full-service, multi-media branding and brand-marketing agency. We are recognized both as the global champion as well as in specialty areas such as one of the best digital marketing, advertising, SEO agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally. It serves clients in all 50 states in the US, and throughout the world. 10 Plus Brand combines AI enabled digital content marketing with human intelligence to multiply a brand’s influence with repurposed articles, ghost writing, original content, advertising campaigns, blogging, website development, design, content, and SEO, brand promotion videos, photos, logos, brand look and feel, SEO, SEM, PPC, AI experience design, etc. Joanne led the agency’s evolution over the past 10 years from a photographic studio (“Poem And Art Studio”) into a video, content, website and visuals production company (“Joanne Tan Visual Branding, LLC”), which was later expanded and renamed as “10+ Visual Branding”, and now as a corporation - “10 Plus Brand, Inc.” that is fast growing as a full service branding, digital marketing, SEO, video production & advertising agency. 10 Plus Brand’s main ”flagship” website is, that features samples of their various deliverables for small businesses, mid market, technology companies, funded entrepreneurship, or venture capital VC backed startups, non-profits, law firms, accounting firms, investment bankers, business consulting firms, post M&A companies needing rebranding or in private equity (PE) portfolios, and B2B and B2C companies. 10 Plus Brand also has a ”subsidiary” website that focuses on LinkedIn profiling only - 10 Plus Profile Teams develop individual brands, professional or business brands with LinkedIn profiles on both individual & company pages. They further revise bios, resumes for public & private board members, C-suites members, executive coaches & business consultants, commercial insurance brokers, attorneys, CPAs, and other B2B service providers & professionals. Joanne Tan applies her proprietary multidisciplinary process, and many skills, talents, & backgrounds: (1) a law degree that trained her with both analytical skills & the ability to outline vast amount of information to its gist. (2) professional journalist editor and page designer. Also trained in architectural design, which enables out of box thinking. (3) MBA training in marketing, accounting and other areas of business such as insurance and organizational behavior. (4) Award-winning professional photographic artist, oil painter & poet. (5) Liberal arts education at Brandeis University. (6) Mentor, coach, director. 10 Plus Brand will offer online courses & workshops on brand building and brand marketing. Founder, CEO, Brand Strategist Joanne Tan leads several cross-functioning teams to deliver customized brand presence to inform, inspire and empower. As a “Commander in Chief”, Joanne leads these Teams: – highly skilled & talented writers & editors with JD or MBA degrees; digital content marketing & SEO experts; – Experienced video production crew, scriptwriter, director, videographer, photographers, graphic designers, motion graphic designers; producer & director of brand promotional videos, ads, TV commercials; – Skilled website custom coders, designers and web developers, experts in SEO, PPC, Google Core Web Vitals. ”First, we are brand builders. We use our proprietary process to decode brand DNA. Second, we are content creators. Third, we are digital marketers.” Says Joanne. ”First, we are brand builders. We brand, rebrand, and refresh existing brands for businesses, B2B services, technology companies, funded or VC-backed startups, corporations, mid-market companies, non-profit organizations, private equity portfolio companies during restructuring or pre and post M&A. We also develop individual business brands for business leaders, experienced and growth-minded professionals, notables and influencers. Second, we are content creators. After we decode a brand’s DNA, we create brand messaging and tell brand stories, verbally and visually, to construct a brand’s persona and elevate its stature on websites and social media with original content, blogs, podcast, videos, vlogs, custom website design and development, LinkedIn business pages and personal profiles, webinars, and PR content. We also deliver social media marketing & advertising campaigns. Third, we are digital marketers. ”We combine AI enabled digital marketing with human intelligence to multiply a brand’s influence with repurposed articles, SEO, SEM, PPC, social media marketing, influencer marketing, marketing analytics, AI experience design, and Google core web vitals.” ”We build, grow, and market power brands for businesses and professionals. We generously share tips, strategies, and insights about brand DNA decoding, brand strategies and structures, story telling, how to update and refresh a brand, or rebrand, to elevate your brand to a higher level. ” ”After our in-depth brand marketing analysis, we turn a website or a LinkedIn profile into a power brand that generates leads, clients, sales, referrals, and loyal brand followers.” Find us online by clicking or follow these hashtags: #10PlusBrand #10PlusPodcast #10PlusInterviews OR #InterviewsofNotablesandInfluencers #30SecondsofAnything #BrandDNA #BeYourOwnSuperpower #BeYourOwnBrand #StandForSomething #WeAreBetterAngels #GenuineVideo For more insights, sign up for 10 Plus Brand’s Newsletter: Please call: 1-888-288-4533 (Main website:) (LinkedIn optimization website:)

Last Episode Date: 5 May 2024

Total Episodes: 120

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5 May 2024
Brand Loyalty - how to earn it and keep it_Part 1 of 2_by Joanne Z. Tan_Episode 20, Season 2

Earning loyal and devoted customers or followers is hard work. Even harder is keeping their long term loyalty. When your customers buy repeatedly and exclusively from you, over the long term, you have earned their brand loyalty based on faith and trust, which is the ultimate...

5 min
10 April 2024
Why a Brand Audit Can Save a Company, and What, When, and How?_by Joanne Tan_Episode 19, Season 2

An out-of-touch brand is a weak brand that soon leads to decreased sales and a shrinking market share. A disconnected brand threatens your business survival. If your brand is starting to feel stale and irrelevant, it may be too little, too late if you wait until your sales ...

10 min
31 March 2024
Natural Language Processing and LLM: They are as Dumb or Intelligent as Your LANGUAGE_by Joanne Z. Tan_Episode 18, Season 2

AI is as dumb or smart as human's command of language instruction, since NLP (natural language processing) & LLM (large language model) depend on data, and data is input with human language. To improve AI's level of intelligence, we humans must improve our command of l...

2 min
29 March 2024
Brand Culture and Workplace Culture: How to grow an organization of ANY size_Joanne Tan_Episode 17, Season 2

What did Golden State Warriors and Seattle Seahawks coaches do right about creating a culture? How can brand culture be used to catalyze workplace culture, to increase loyalty, productivity, customer acquisition, and profits? To read as a blog To watch it as a video © Joa...

15 min
16 March 2024
"From Tangle to Tango" - a short poem about AI and humanity, by Joanne Z. Tan_Episode 16, Season 2

This is a poem about the future of AI and humanity, written by Joanne Z. Tan, NOT by AI. To read as a blog To watch it as a video © Joanne Z. Tan All rights reserved. ========================================================= - To stay in the loop, subscribe to our News...

2 min
9 March 2024
What Is AI Experience Design (AIXD)? Why AI Voice and IVR are Driving Customers Nuts? _ Joanne Tan_Episode 15, Season 2

Saving cost at the expense of customer frustration is a losing game, even for an iconic brand. The problem in AI experience design (AIXD) is the culprit for bad customer experience everywhere: too many customers cannot get a live agent to answer their simple questions, after...

13 min
4 March 2024
Fight Deep Fake Videos with a Simple Disclaimer: This is a Genuine Video!_by Joanne Z. Tan_Episode 14, Season 2

To differentiate Genuine Videos from Deepfakes, start with a simple disclaimer When seeing is not believing, when truth and trust are replaced by falsehood and distrust, the foundation for fact-based decision making is like a rug being pulled out from under our feet. This is...

8 min
2 March 2024
Oscars 2024 Deserving Winners, Why Oppenheimer is Not the Best_Season 2, Episode 13

Perhaps both the vastness and complexity of the character J. Robert Oppenheimer, and the subject matter, are simply beyond the grasp of a Hollywood movie. (Hear Joanne Tan explains why.) (Some of the Deserving Winners:) Best Picture: THE ZONE OF INTEREST Poor Things Past L...

5 min
29 February 2024
Working with GE Legendary CEO Jack Welch, on corporate reward systems - Interview by Joanne Tan of Steve Kerr_Episode 12, Season 2

How did Jack Welch lead GE to be the best run company in the world? Dr. Steve Kerr shares inside stories, as the designer and implementor of renowned GE WORKOUT, and other systems and programs for rewarding collaborative behaviors. (Sample gems of wisdom:) “Rewards were th...

79 min
22 February 2024
Death-defying Climb of Mt. Aconcagua by Gary Middlemiss: "Interviews of Notables and Influencers" by Joanne Z. Tan_Episode 11, Season 2

Gary Middlemiss and his friends did a death-defying climb of 23,000 feet to the peak of Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, experiencing the best and the worst in both humanity and nature. – How did he reach the Aconcagua summit at 23,000 feet, in spite of starvation (after food...

93 min
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