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Conversations about trading, investing, and personal finance with the smartest people in the industry.


Last Episode Date: 12 February 2024

Total Episodes: 53

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12 February 2024
Masterclass on factor investing (smart beta) with Sankaranarayanan Krishnan- Part 2

In the first part of our conversation we spoke about absolute basics of factors investing and dove deep into the two major factors — low volatility (low vol) and momentum. We spoke about why these factors exist and the explanations, return expectations, and how to use them...

89 min
17 January 2024
Asset Allocation: Building your own asset allocation model

Asset allocation is one of those fancy-sounding terms. We all keep hearing about it non-stop everywhere, but very few investors think about it, and even fewer have a sensible asset allocation that works for them. At its simplest, asset allocation is not putting all your eggs...

65 min
21 October 2023
How sneaky UI designs manipulate your choices online | Regulating Dark Patterns

Dark patterns are tricks used by applications and websites to make users do things they don't want to. They rely on exploiting our behavioural biases and cognitive limitations. We all encounter dark patterns in our daily lives, like: 1. Making it easy to subscribe but ...

61 min
10 October 2023
Prioritizing Mental Health for Traders: Insights from Lissun

Trading is one of the most stressful activities. It's a also very lonely activity. Every second there is a change in your profit and loss which leads to happiness, sadness, stress anxiety, and a cocktail of other emotions making trading an emotional roller coaster. On ...

51 min
7 September 2023
Decoding the SEBI consultation paper on regulating financial influencers

Financial influencers or finfluencers have become incredibly popular in the last 4–5 years. While there are a lot of amazing people who teach people about trading and investing, there are many that sell greed and set wrong expectations. SEBI recently came up with a consult...

45 min
3 February 2023
Macroeconomics for dummies

Thomas Carlyle, the Scottish writer and philosopher, called economics the dismal science. I don’t know if you’ll agree but having read economics textbooks, I certainly think they’re dismal. They’re filled with unnecessary complexity, pointless jargon and theories tha...

52 min
16 January 2023
Indian asset management with Swarup Mohanty

In the last 15 years, Indian asset management has grown leaps and bounds. One of the amazing success stories of this period has been Mirae Asset management, which is best known for its well managed equity funds.  In this episode, I caught up with Swarup Mohanty, the CEO...

41 min
11 January 2023
Money, war and a changing world order with Debashish Bose

We are at an important crossroads in history. The pandemic might seem like it’s behind us but we have a raging war in Europe, unprecedented sanctions, currency crises, inflationary pressures, and volatile markets. There are early signs of a shift away from the dollar and u...

72 min
15 October 2022
Masterclass on factor investing (smart beta) with Sankaranarayanan Krishnan

Up until the 1990s, the Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) was the dominant model used to explain market returns. But in 1992 Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama and his partner, Ken French said that market returns can be explained by three factors namely: 1. Value: the tendency of ...

119 min
17 August 2022
Timeless principles of investing with Sankaran Naren

What does it take to survive multiple market cycles and create wealth?  This week, we have a really, really special guest. I caught up with Sankaran Naren, one of India's most admired and well-known fund managers, and the chief investment officer (CIO) of ICICI Prudenti...

72 min
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